They Don’t Do It Because They Care

It’s a well-known, but seldom acknowledged, fact that women are the majority of activists, volunteers, caretakers, and mess-cleaner-uppers in this world. Without women (which I will yammer about in a future post), the human world would likely have crumbled or exploded before it had gotten a foothold and was left to fester.

Yet it is men who are cited as the activists to end all activists. It is men who are turned into living gods for all the good works they do. It is men who are given credit for humanitarianism even when they did nothing but steal the credit and order around hordes of selfless women. Indeed, all our heroes are male.

The world loves cock, and men make sure that it stays that way.

But it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of good works and selfless acts are done by women. And they do it without expecting fame, pay, gratitude, or blow jobs.

Myself, I never trust a male activist or a man who purports to support a cause or who says he is truly interested in the helping professions. There are always ulterior motives.

Helping professions. Young men study psychology, not because they want to help people with mental illness or understand why they themselves are so fucking fucked up. They do it to understand how to manipulate women and to get laid – the majority of undergrad psych classes are comprised of females. If you do the simple math, the odds of being able to score a female psych major (and according to tv, female psych majors are ALL hot or hot under their glasses and penny loafers), are better than in a math class, say. In graduate school, if men manage to scam a university into giving them a doctorate, they do it for the power. I lived in psych departments for 7 years, and saw lower standards and bigger egos for and from the males all around. As professors, they have the pick of hottie female grad students (I’ve seen abuse of power like this many times – frequently profs date or just fuck their students). As clinical psychologists, it is amazing how many vulnerable women they have to pick from in the privacy of their offices. There is an air of control and superiority that male psychologists carry around with them at all times (trust me, decades of personal experience with a psychologist father attests to this). All of this is doubly true for physicians who prey on nurses, and get away with abusing female patients psychologically, medically, and sexually. Their egos fly at god level (more attesting here – I’ve worked for, with, and done research on a number of these fuckers. They’re repulsive and so fucking special, it hurts.) Teachers? According to Germaine Greer, women teach and men train. And I’d add that men also form the bulk of sexual predators on little kids, teens, college kids and grad students. (Male teachers from Grade 6, 7, and 8 come to mind…) One male acquaintance was whining to me that he had thought about becoming a teacher of kids, but there had been one case he’d heard about where a male teacher was falsely accused of pedophilia and his life was ruined. My friend’s solution? Did he run a campaign against patriarchy and raising awareness for sex crimes against children? Hell no. He had hurt feelings, put on the victim mantle, and abandoned his career dreams. Perhaps on some level, he knew that male teachers are often pervs and seldom get caught, and that this false positive was just an anomaly. But on the tip of his tongue was blaming mothers for protecting their children from pervs who are real and prevalent. He didn’t say it, but it was there – he just knew I’d ‘take issue’ with misogyny/Patriarchy support and accuse him of being the misogynist he is.

Activists. Men don’t give a shit about anything other than their dicks. It doesn’t matter whether they are fighting religion, capitalism, environmental abuse, animal rights abuse, racism, or my favourite – misogyny – they don’t connect with the issue in the way that women do, and they don’t join the fight for the same reasons women do. In men’s eyes, there is street cred to be obtained for fighting something. It provides opportunities for mansplaining. It gives them access to and control over real activists: women. And they can slip in their own agenda (male dominance) under the cover of whatever activism they are pretending to support. Much of the time, these guys do little but talk loudly, issue pronouncements or orders, and they get the credit for all the work that women have done. And the superiority they feel when recognized for being ‘one of the good ones’. Barfo. I have an upcoming post on male feminists, the scourge of the activism scene.

Volunteers. I actually haven’t met a lot of male volunteers even though I’ve done plenty of this kind of work myself. And I’m not talking enforced volunteer work – which exists in reality, oxymoronically. When forced as part of a school program (common to mandatory in China), resume booster (more common in the US/Canada to make for competitive school application packages these days), or punishment schedule (correction system in many places for lesser felonies), men do volunteer work alongside women. No, I’m talking about real, self-initiated volunteer work. Of their own selfless volition, it is a rare thing, indeed, for men to decide to help others. Men don’t believe they should work for free. It’s okay and natural for women though. Men have supposedly more important things to do. And they don’t do anything unless it benefits them personally and tangibly. The idea of doing something to help someone in need without getting something (monetary, material, reputation-enhancing or sexual) in return is a very foreign concept for them. The one dude I’ve worked closely with as a volunteer touted himself as an ‘idea guy’. He had plenty of ideas, but he just needed people (i.e., women) to carry out the actual grunt work. Yeah, a real volunteer.

So, my personal philosophy is to be skeptical of all men who say they care deeply about something or who want to help the world. Nothing is EVER one-way giving for men. There is always a price they demand. You just may not see it or pay it at first. And you may be tricked into paying it simply because you’re a woman who wants to reward good works or reinforce rare male pro-social behaviour, or because you’ve been trained from birth to see everything Dick does in a positive light even if he hasn’t done a damn thing other than tell you he is a good person.

If you’re a dude reading this and you’re getting pissy, then I’d suggest you have too much time on your hands. There is a great need for volunteers out there, and you’re wasting time on the internet nursing your woman-hate!


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