2016: Year of the Fantasy

I’ll start with a note on fantasy since I don’t think a lot of people really understand what it means and it is used incorrectly by men (of course) to justify any number of things they do or say or endorse. Men control language, you see, so they can define something one way, and then when it’s to their advantage, they can spin the table.

Fantasy, essentially, is

the act of imagining something impossible or very, very, very unlikely.

All of the video, pictorial, and written porn that exists supposedly falls into that category, and if men decide not to abuse the term ‘free speech’, they’ll fall back on “it’s just fantasy”.

Except that it’s not. The things that happen in porn happen to women, to quote Andrea Dworkin. So porn doesn’t fit the definition of fantasy because it is based on and perpetuates reality. It is violence. It is crime. It is rape. It is reality.

But I don’t want to be sidetracked here. This isn’t a post about men’s vacant inner lives and the need to fill their void with the worst kinds of hate and destruction.

No, this is a post about real fantasy. A woman’s fantasy. My fantasy. It is fantasy because it is impossible (or very, very, very unlikely). The purpose of a fantasy is to escape from the oppression of reality. And who needs to escape more than anyone? Women.

Perhaps 2015 would be better known as the Year of Anger because that’s what it seemed like to me. I’d like to think that this recent period leading up to and including the turn of the year, which has been filled with delightful thoughts of a world that is not possible, will continue through the remainder of the year. We’ll see. I hope so. I tend to be a realist and that is not necessarily a fun place to be – ask any woman who rejects feminism. She can’t handle it because it is a framework based on reality and reality is fucking depressing. And who wants that? Jeez.

I am fantasizing about a world with no men. I don’t care how they disappear. That has not yet entered into the equation. All I have at this point is an established world that doesn’t know men and certainly doesn’t fantasize about having them there! In many ways, it is unimaginable – as I said, it is pure fantasy. We have nothing to base the fantasy on except the negation of the current wrongs, or the opposite of what currently exists. It’s simplistic, but a starting place for a person or people who have known nothing other than slavery and whose history has been effectively erased to support the maintenance of that slavery.

So indulge me in a cursory look at the start of my fantasy, in the form of a list, which is no more than a woman’s surface look at what taking away the testosterone element might effect. At this point, I’m working from the negation/elimination of the current evils men have perpetrated and that have led to widespread destruction. I firmly believe women would not have gone down that same path as we don’t destroy ourselves of our own free will. Once you start thinking about everything you could do if you didn’t have to worry about the threat of men in all areas of life, you find yourself with endless possibilities. I truly think that without men, society would have achieved infinitely more in a much shorter amount of time. Woman-hate is a time and resource waster, a distraction.

Without men, we would have under the following topics:

Sexual Safety

  • No rape
  • No fear at night
  • No sexual harassment or intimidation
  • No sexual assault
  • Little to no violent crime
  • No gangs
  • No dominance/submission structures
  • No BDSM or sexual power play
  • No prostitution
  • No stripping/pole dancing/demeaning ‘sex work’ of any kind
  • No sex/human trafficking
  • No missing girls or women
  • No slavery
  • No pornography
  • No surveillance
  • No need for a police force (mediators, perhaps)
  • No misogyny

Global/Community Safety

  • No property ownership
  • No vandalism
  • No weapons (other than practical ones for hunting)
  • So, no guns, no bombs, no biological weapons, no nuclear weapons
  • No territorial disputes
  • No need for armies
  • No terrorism
  • No spies
  • No diplomats
  • No peacekeepers
  • No war
  • No refugees
  • No racism


  • No money-based system
  • No drive for material wealth/possessions
  • No bullshit ‘women love shopping’ myth/propaganda
  • No corruption
  • No privileged class
  • No underbelly social class
  • No ridiculous demeaning jobs
  • No strikes
  • No sweatshops
  • No greed
  • No poverty
  • No classism


  • No religion
  • No ignorance
  • No blind faith
  • No dogma
  • No irrational punishments and requirements
  • No negation of truth or knowledge
  • No needless shame
  • No ideological persecution
  • Commitment to truth rather than preservation of lies

Social Structure and Breeding

  • No family
  • No marriage
  • No domestic slavery
  • No pair bonding
  • No forced breeding
  • Little need for abortion (medical only)
  • No pregnancy worship or denegration
  • No myth surrounding biological clocks ticking
  • Possible alternatives to natural pregnancy
  • Low birth rate / population
  • No unwanted children
  • No male children
  • No orphanages
  • No street kids


  • No monetization of healthcare
  • Universal healthcare
  • No denial of services
  • Longer life spans without the obsession with longevity
  • No sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV
  • Little mental illness
  • No mental illness stigmatization
  • No anorexia / morbid obesity
  • Little needless surgery
  • Easy, non-stigmatized, humane access to assisted suicide
  • Integrated, healthy relationships between patients and all practitioners of the health arts
  • Health research not tied to agendas, cover-ups, fuelled instead by a willingness to explore all avenues
  • No animal research

The Body

  • No ridiculous focus on youth or beauty
  • No gender
  • No trans nonsense
  • No body hate or image problems
  • No cutting or self-mutilation
  • Comfortable, woman-centric clothing
  • No make-up or other hate-driven, toxic/harmful masking behaviours
  • No body-destroying fashion
  • No illogical body rituals (shaving, bleaching, whitening, etc)
  • No surgery designed to ‘augment’ the body


  • No global warming
  • No needless waste
  • No needless killing of animals
  • No water, air, soil pollution
  • No massive cities
  • Only clean energy
  • No property/money/patent-oriented messing with food
  • No monocrops
  • No large-scale agriculture
  • Community gardens
  • No animal farms
  • Focus on biodegradable products
  • Composting, vermiculture
  • No chemical pesticides
  • Environment-focused, local growing
  • No introduced species (animals, plants, fungi, bacteria)


  • Complementary technology for life assistance and co-existence rather than life destruction
  • No education-as-childcare mentality
  • Multiple styles of education available regardless of age
  • No rigid age-to-grade classes
  • Regular person-focused educational needs assessments
  • Universal education to all who want it
  • No priority subject areas
  • Premium information search tools and information repositories, untainted by pornography and violence

There is so much more. This is just off the top of my head. And I’ll fully admit that it is only a starting point. As I stated earlier, when living in a slave system, it is hard to imagine a world of possibilities and so you must begin imagining the opposite of what you have.


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