It’s not Our Fault Your Boy-Child is Stupid

Oh men. When girls and women wise up to your bullshit and beat you at your own game, you give the table a good ole spin. It’s a tired, long-used tactic and we ain’t buying it no more.

The game goes like this. Men predominate in a domain of work or academics. Women are grudgingly granted access. Access with serious conditions like harassment, lower pay, rape threats, actual rape and other violence, exclusion, lack of promotions and opportunities, etc. Yet despite all these unfair and criminal conditions, women not only excel in said domain, but exceed the ability and performance of men. Men flee from said dominion in droves, tails between their legs. Men find excuses for their failure, relegating the domain to the ‘feminine’, lowering its value, denigrating the new experts, and implying strongly that there is something wrong with the domain since women are good at it. It would be funny, if it weren’t so fucking pathetic and horrible, especially since salaries and respect for those jobs tend to go down once men dismiss them as women’s work. But we’ve seen it time and time again.


And so we come to the newest domain of disdain. I’m referring to the growing reality that boys can’t handle school. When they’re faced with actual competition, that is.

For hundreds of years, education was artificially made the domain of males. Men, afraid of the demonstrated potential of female intelligence and power, put a stop to any and all possibility for actualization. Girls and women were banned from school and condemned to lives of marital rape, mandatory pregnancy, cleaning, cooking and shopping. In some cultures, wealthy girls were given educations in music, sewing, and languages, although not in a to-be-taken-seriously way that would allow them to escape from men. In many cultures today, girls are still barred from school and from many professions, and can be killed for attempting to learn. Even in China, where I live, impoverished families will choose to educate boys over girls. The girls get to stay home as slaves. In some countries, the girls will be sold into prostitution so that the family can eat and have one fewer mouth to feed.

Only very recently in human history have girls and women been allowed (in most countries) to walk the hallowed halls of schools, albeit under constant misogynistic threat of violence and actual sexual assault and rape; routine dismissal of credibility; exclusion from ‘boys’ clubs’ and opportunities; and exposure to male-centric learning materials and environments. Despite all this, girls and women have soared academically, achieving in decades what it took boys and men centuries to learn. It makes you wonder how much further we would be as a society if girls had been allowed to study centuries ago. It is truly sad that men will sacrifice global human well-being to keep their dicks hard.

Anyhow, fast-forward to today. The majority of men as well as handmaidens who have spawned boy-children feel threatened and angry. We’re seeing something interesting in schools. Unlike during most of scholastic history, boys actually have serious competition now. Girls. And the boys aren’t measuring up. Despite the violence and dismissal girls still face even in First World countries, they are kicking boys’ asses academically. The possibilities resulting from girls and women succeeding finally in education are very positive.

Girls and women tend to do positive things with their education – giving back to their communities, sharing their knowledge online and on the ground, starting pro-social projects, and contributing fewer children of their own to the world’s overpopulation. Males on the other hand, tend towards more selfish, destructive and violent goals when they are given education and opportunities. Women use their education to help lift everyone’s quality of life, while men generally will use their education to maintain dominance structures that hurt girls and women.  So, more educationally successful girls and women means a better world for all – including boys/men.

But we have to figure out what to do with the growing number of angry violent boys, moron’s rights activists (MRAs), boors’ (boys) rights activists, and handmaidens who are threatening the positive change we are seeing in girls’ status and the potentially positive future of our communities.

The kinds of problems we’re seeing in boys are nothing new, but when set down beside girls’ success, they indicate a possible and very serious problem with male mental deficiency that has likely always been present. When faced with a slightly more level playing field, boys regularly:

  • can’t read
  • especially can’t read books with female characters
  • can’t pay attention
  • can’t refrain from violence
  • can’t treat others including the teacher with a modicum of respect
  • can’t deal with more inclusive learning materials that treat girls/women as human
  • can’t work cooperatively

While this is being commonly reported in the US and other Western countries, I see this among my male Chinese university students. I maintain that it is nothing new. What is new is the availability of comparison data. We are finally seeing data on girls in the West, and they are doing better even with the threat of violence, actual violence and pervasive misogyny that has always been present. In places like China, those data aren’t in yet. Chinese girls still have enormous pressure to underperform AND with the shortage of girls (40 million girls should exist that don’t due to selective abortion and female infanticide), there is massive pressure for even the ‘ugly and unmarriageable’ to marry and breed instead of pursue higher education, and when they are allowed education, they’re relegated to girl-acceptable professions. I teach science and engineering students primarily, and there are usually no more than 2-3 girls in a class of 50. It has nothing to do with intelligence or aptitude. But in China, men MUST be smarter than the women they marry, and they MUST make more money than women, so there is a lot of faking it going on on the part of girls and a lot of relegation of girls to low-pay professions.

I remember reading a post on this phenomenon in the last year, where some clueless, American mother was lamenting over the fact that her mentally deficient son wasn’t able to read any children’s books because all the new books had female main characters doing “implausible things”. It was bizarre. Girls have been raised on books and films (still are, actually) featuring puffed up males doing impossible things. Yet, they are kicking ass in school. How can girls manage, but boys can’t…? This mother certainly wasn’t doing her son any favours by enabling his deficiency and privilege.

The ‘Feminization’ of Education?

It has been suggested by the angry and stupid and privileged that this magical failure of boys (again, it is not anything new, it just shows up when boys have to compete with girls and the intelligence and talent bars are raised) is due to the ‘feminization of education’. This is a new term that has been designed by MRAs as an excuse for male ineptness. I’m not even really sure what they mean by it – their descriptions are usually based on lies or there isn’t actually a problem from an ethical point of view. They see a problem with girls being protected from rape and sexual violence and intimidation in the classroom. They see a problem with equal opportunities for girls. They see a problem with taking away historically unfair advantages from boys. They see a problem with a merit-based system and prefer a penis-based system. What is ‘feminizing’ about addressing human rights abuses? Nowhere in education are boys being treated the way girls have been treated throughout history (and still today). These loud, angry types are deluded.

In fact, it is a matter of adaptation vs privilege.

Girls, in order to survive in a world that hates them, have always had to adapt to their surroundings. Finding that their proclivities for learning or greatest interests are routinely dismissed, they find a way to get through, learn, and succeed. This is the way women and girls have always survived. Adaptation.

But boys have never had to adapt. They have always been catered to. But that is changing, luckily, and we’re seeing how well they are dealing with having their privilege challenged. Taking away an unfair advantage (privilege) is not taking away rights. This is the key thing that MRAs and handmaidens don’t get. Ever. An equal playing field is the best way to find the best students. And while the playing field is still not equal and still is biased in favour of boys, girls are showing themselves to be very successful, nonetheless.

Instead of resorting to threats and violence and hand-wringing and changing policy to hurt girls yet again or dismiss education as some ‘girl thing’, I suggest that boys learn to adapt and work hard for the first time in history. Adapting is a basic learning skill. It is basic humanity. And it is necessary to survive as a being. If you don’t adapt, you die out. That’s what happens to things that have outlived their purpose or have no purpose. And I have no problem with useless, and especially violent, things dying out…

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