Every woman knows what it’s like to be patronized by a guy who won’t let facts get in the way.”

Rebecca Solnit

You know what I’m talking about. MANSPLAINING: the bizarre and all-too-common experience of trying to do or say something only to have some bepenised jackass open his fat yap (or use his fat fingers online) to tell you something you already know even if he damn well knows you’re an expert and even when he is flat out wrong. The explanation is never needed since, whaddyaknow, women know a shit ton of stuff already! We even have PhDs and life experience and shit!!!

Men will try to tell you what you should feel, think and do. They will even try to tell you that your beliefs and opinions about things only women believe and think (e.g., feminism) and experience (e.g., misogyny) are dead wrong. And the best? Men will often mansplain why their mansplaining isn’t actually mansplaining.

A lot of assholes will try to counter with “but but but women do it too!”

No. Women can be bossy or know-it-all’ish – they can also support the oppressors with “what about the men?!?” wailing and screeching. But they can’t be mansplainers. Mansplaining is an act of privilege that only men have (and have had since time began) wherein they believe they are right because they are male and the person they are talking to is not. Mansplaining is a verbal act of violence and oppression that transcends race, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, education level, etc. I’ve been mansplained to by men of all colours, males half my age, and men who can neither read nor write. While mansplaining is largely an unconscious reflex men have to a woman speaking (due to males being give priority status and significant attention and fawning over females at home, at school and in the public arena from birth), some men will deliberately mansplain if they erroneously believe that a woman holds some kind of privileged status. No woman is privileged over a man, however. For example, I’ve been ferociously attacked by black, Arab, and Chinese males because they are racist and take pleasure from dominating white women who have zero power in this world, but huge ‘destroy me’ targets painted on their backs.

Men know everything – all of them – all the time – no matter how stupid or inexperienced or arrogant or ignorant they are.

Andrea Dworkin

We’re tired of it, needless to say. Men just can’t keep from talking, explaining, and patronizing – controlling flow of information (whether they are correct or not). Shaddap already! We would have been done with what we were doing if we didn’t have you interrupting and derailing all the effing time!

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