Year of the Fantasy series


the act of imagining something impossible or very, very, very unlikely.

Fantasy is an important word in the world of men. There is always this need to ‘escape’. Escape from what? The shitty world they created, perhaps. Except that it’s not really that shitty for men in comparison to women and girls. For every man that feels downtrodden, there is almost always at least one female that he himself treads upon, who is beneath even him, the poor bugger. So men who feel they need to escape likely have a great sense of entitlement no matter how lowly they are or believe they are.

And so we have fantasy. For men, fantasy almost always involves a sexual component, and almost always involves abusing a woman or girl in some way and sometimes even painting it as something she wants and likes. Although for many, ‘against her will’ is a huge part of the fantasy. And really, men know that under any consent women appear to give, it is always against our will and true nature to comply with what they want. So men’s escape is the desire to entrap, enslave, violate. Sweet.

Then we have my fantasies, probably not far off what many women fantasize about or would fantasize about if they could free themselves from brainwashing, propaganda, and repeated abuse. My fantasies involve liberation.

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Occasionally, I review old posts, and I noticed that I was actually fantasizing before I even conceived of this series. Behold:

Why I’d Rather Deal with Women

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