Wolves in Women’s Clothing series

This series is a collection of posts dealing with those who claim they are on our (women’s) side, but who really aren’t, and issues related to these people. Many feminists *prefer* conservative, religious assholes because they make little effort to hide their woman-hate and can thus be spotted and either dismissed or addressed immediately. They wear misogyny on their sleeves like some kind of badge of honour. Sure, they might say they do what they do out of ‘respect’ for women, but their rhetoric is like a glaze on a donut as compared with icing/frosting. You can see right through it. So in some senses, they are preferable or easier to deal with.

No, this series isn’t about them. I’m talking about those people, mostly men, but also women, who pretend to care about women’s liberation, but have ulterior motivations for doing what they do, or have a strange definition of feminist altogether.

We’re talking here about male ‘feminists’ and activists, MtT’s (men who *feel* like women), and liberal ‘feminists’ of the loud and proud, unthinking slutosphere, for the most part. Occasionally, we even see self-proclaimed radical feminists taking on male points of view when under pressure. These folks, the men marginally more than the women, are dangerous because they aren’t what they might at first appear to be, and it’s easy to fall prey to their machinations. Oh yeah, and they (men) get very rapey and violent if you try to speak your mind. Women can get violent, on occasion, but only men rape.

Liberated Men: Male ‘Feminists’, Activists and Do-Gooders

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Truth Will Out

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Another White Dude Analysis of the World’s Problems

Can One Defend the Indefensible?

That’s Some Arsenal You’ve Got There, Gentlemen

Why Men Should Not Be Allowed to Teach

Men’s Infiltration into Feminism (by No More Paper Towels)

MtTs: Who Make Me Feel Like a Natural Very Scared Woman

The Confluence of Two American Patriarchal Scourges

Tink and Trans: Strange, but Natural, Bedfellows

Fine, Let’s Just Have Two Male Bathrooms

My Planet is Simpler, but Not Better

Dissecting Phobias

The Lib-Fems/Slutosphere: Erasing Western Women’s Progress and Furthering the Male Agenda

Why It’s Important to Fight Western Misogyny

My Special Group of One: The Problem with Intersectionality

Finland: Winning Weird Awards

To Be Rad-Fem or Not To Be Rad-Fem? It’s Not Really a Difficult Question…

All Along the Watchtower

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