Whores: How the Chinese See White Women

I decided to do this photo series after standing in the check-out line in my neighbourhood grocery store and coming face-to-face with a white, presumably nude, woman smiling at me on a box of Chinese condoms. In China, condoms are readily available and are placed immediately at the cash/check-out rather than in the ‘health’ section of the store. There are no Chinese women on Chinese boxes of condoms. No white men. No Chinese men.

White women are sex. White women are the things you want to fuck. We belong on condom boxes.

White women have a special place in the Chinese mind. As women, we are the property of our masters: the white man. He is admired for what they think he has – his intelligence, his talent, his possessions, and his women. White women, on the other hand, are thought to be the ultimate whores. We exist to be fucked, and we have voracious appetites for sex. The Chinese have no compunctions whatsoever about shamelessly ogling us for uncomfortable amounts of time from head to toe, often resting on our breasts. They have no problem trying to touch us, our bodies, our hair. And some men have no issue with assaulting us, hitting us, or trying to rape us. I once had a man come up to me on a park bench while I was eating lunch, take out his wallet and demand a blow job. (I always wear pants and mostly men’s shirts. I couldn’t have been mistaken for a prostitute.) Once, I was sexually assaulted on a busy road in the middle of the day. No one did anything. And then there are the countless other things I am treated to. Every time I leave my apartment, I am on display.

I only know a few women of colour (non-Chinese). They are not overtly sexualized in person or in media here. They do receive other racist treatment, however. The treatment varies, but the thing we all have in common is that we are women and we are punished for it.

This is a growing collection of what it means to be a white woman here in China. Some of the women in the following growing collection of photos were recruited here and paid a little for acting out what Chinese men want us to be. Some ads may have been taken from other sources (copyright doesn’t exist in China) and adapted to sell Chinese products. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger pic.

White woman - thumbnail White Blonde Bra Fun Girl Bimbo - Thumbnail
Everyone Wants White Woman Cleavage - Thumbnail White Woman the Perfect Diamond Digging Marriage Slave - Thumbnail
Selling White Child Sex in the Taipei Airport Sexy Naked Brunette
Pillow Fight with Sexy Half Naked White Chicks - Thumbnail
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