White Girl series

This series is an in-progress exploration of one of the most reviled groups of humans in current history. The white woman – or as most men of all colours and some women of colour, and even some of the white lib-fems themselves, refer to them: ‘white bitches’. Hating these creatures is fast becoming an international past-time and the violence and vitriol aimed at them is frightening in its baselessness and passion.

My Personal Experience with White Woman Hate


Influences On and Causes of White Woman Hate


Culture and the Problem of ‘Freedom’

The non-Western sexualization of white women is rooted in the Western male obsession with sex and sexual domination. Western men and their female acolytes call female sex slavery ‘liberation’. Non-Westerners don’t see ‘liberation’ or ‘liberated women’, they see white women enthusiastically embracing public whore status and will treat them accordingly when they encounter them in real life. And the ‘free women’ of the West don’t realize until it is too late (i.e., you find yourself raped in a foreign country) is that when you’re seen as a whore internationally, you will be treated as a whore internationally. Now that’s freedom!!! And it’s men – all men – who are to blame, not women. Men always create things to use, blame, and hate.


Media and the ‘White Whore’: It’s not Privilege, But Another Form of Slavery

Related to the previous topic, international media capitalizes greatly on how Western men have sold ‘freedom’ to Western women. Internationally, businesses rely upon using the ‘White Whore’ to sell their shit.


Other Writers and Contributions on the Topic

  • Catharine MacKinnon wrote an interesting essay on the myths and realities of white women.

From Practice to Theory, or What is a White Woman Anyway?

  • Radical Witch frequently blogs on Muslim and black violence against white women around the world. Scary shit (aka terrorism) that nobody, not even most feminists, want to touch with a 1000-foot pole.
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