USA: The Downward Spiral

disintigrating american flagThis is a series that examines the slow downfall of the American Empire. I’m calling it an empire despite the fact that there is no official emperor; empires describe a state where several countries/regions are ruled over under a single supreme authority. The US, instead of making life better for its own citizens, who are increasingly struggling in several ways, funds and staffs over 800 military bases in over 175 other countries (200,000 personnel and more than $100 billion each year to maintain the shit show!!!). There is no comparable occupation of the US; Germany and Singapore and perhaps a few others have small contingents on US soil, mostly for training,  etc. But nothing compares to the US occupation of the world, even if supporters say it is only to ‘support allies’, ‘to uphold long tradition’, or ‘to keep the peace in volatile zones’. Whatever. I remember watching a rather tense interview on television in China about 9 years ago. An English-speaking mainland Chinese was talking to a top military commander from the US. The issue under discussion was that the Chinese were having problems with American naval units hanging out in Chinese waters without permission. The American rationalized it, but then the Chinese asked, cleverly, I might add: “So, would the US consider it a threat if they discovered the Chinese navy in US waters without permission…?” No response. What response could there be? Now, China does all sorts of fucked up shit, but they tend to use other, more subtle methods for occupation and colonization than the American method of pointing guns at things and taking up others’ space. And I think the Chinese will take most of the world by surprise, eventually because of this difference in methods. Most people are used to violent methods of takeover.

global military spending

Graph Attribution: Visual Capitalist, 2017

Note that ALL countries have problems and  ALL countries are responsible for one horrific act or another – especially against women. We all operate under different kinds of male-designed systems, and horror and suffering are the only possible results regardless of where you come from. And all empires under male rule are destined to fail as a result – short-term ‘success’ (influence/domination), but ultimate failure.  It just so happens that we are watching the downward spiral of US domination, and entering what is possibly a period of Chinese rule. But before reading on, note this: if you are a defensive, pro-military (“we’re number 1!”) kind of American, don’t take it personally. Sigh to yourself, write me off as a crazy, man-hating feminazi, and then sign up for Mandarin classes. Just joking. Maybe…

Skip around as you please. Read in any order without missing anything. I’ll kick it off with this one:

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