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I Felt Shocked When…

Just a short post today to announce that Western trannies have invaded China! Yippee-ki-fucking-yay!!!

Let’s backtrack a bit.

I recently administered some final oral language examinations to two of my classes: some tourism majors. Most of them did okay. The exams weren’t so hard.

One of the questions had to do with using -ed and -ing adjectives correctly (e.g., bored vs boring), which is a common error for Chinese speakers because they use the same word for both in their language. So basically, on the exam, I give them four words and ask them to choose two and give me two good examples that demonstrates correct usage and an understanding of the vocabulary.

One of my students chose the word ‘shocked’ from the list and came up with the following:

“I felt shocked when I visited Guilin and saw a Western man wearing a dress.”

I broke character (objective examiner) and responded with “Really???” I wanted to know if the example was true or just created for the purpose of answering the question. Apparently, it was a true story.

It is possible that the person she saw was just some hippie or queer dude wearing, not a dress, but a man-skirt or a sarong. But she said ‘dress’ which opens up the possibility of a male of a different flavour. While it’s hard for me to imagine a trannie or cross-dresser going to a place as conservative and gender-conforming as China, at the same time, this kind of guy loves the idea of pushing boundaries and being presented with opportunities for confrontation and self-righteous anger expression. Western dudes flock to developing countries and loudly rage at local people for not having their Western male ways catered to. I can imagine a trannie being in heaven here, spewing at everyone for staring at him in horror and fascination.

I will say, the Chinese do have a fascination for the Kathoey – or Thai ‘ladyboys’. Many Chinese want to go to Thailand specifically to see these guys in action. It’s not something they would allow here – at least outside of the entertainment industry – but is considered to be humourous and safely shocking to see this kind of thing in a weird foreign country. For some reason, though, the Western explosion in male trans politics is relatively unheard of in China, and to have one show up here would be rather sensational, and not in a good way. Unlike ladyboys, most Western trannies aren’t pretty or, most importantly, delicate. They would bring a whole different level of weird – of the unacceptable kind.

To preserve the ignorance of Chinese students, I, as an actual Western person, am not allowed to teach the official, curriculum-mandated Western culture classes here in China. Only Chinese people – especially those who have never left China, it seems – are allowed to teach this subject. Imagine in your country, barring your foreign national Chinese staff from teaching Chinese culture to university students, and forcing locals who have never even left the country to teach it instead. Laughable, yes? It’s like me teaching a semester-long class on Afghan culture – a place I’ve never been and know nothing about. I occasionally debate about discussing some of the weirder aspects of Western culture that don’t make it into the highly censored Chinese media outlets. Not sure whether I would do it.

They Are All the Worst

Even though I’ve never really been much of a ‘joiner’ by nature, I’m beginning to think there is an actual reason I don’t join or invest a lot of social energy in even radical feminist groups that might logically appeal to me. I just find that these groups tend to complicate feminism by moving away from the prime directive: female liberation from men. I just can’t see feminism ever having a real and lasting impact when women slide into a concession-to-dick-based policy rooted in intersectionality. When this happens, women themselves create and maintain a hierarchy (some women are more oppressed than others; some men are not as bad as others) instead of sticking to a policy of liberation – all women from all men.

Before I get started here, I want to be explicit that I am in no way standing up for white dudes. They are their own phenomenon, but their brand of misogyny and power base is no better or worse than that of any other group of men on the planet. Maybe in your little personal world, they are the worst thing to happen to you, but for many women, white men have little to do with their personal oppression. My point here is that making distinctions between groups of men is fucking irrelevant when it comes to discussing domination of, violence against, and hatred towards women.

In other words, outside of one’s personal life of woe and and on a slightly larger scale, geographical regions, when it comes to naming the problem, which is men as a class:

  • Race is irrelevant.
  • Ethnicity is irrelevant.
  • Wealth or lack thereof is irrelevant.
  • Education level is irrelevant.
  • Religious affiliation is irrelevant.
  • Sexual orientation is irrelevant.
  • Occupation is irrelevant.
  • Psychotic gender bullshit categories and the grafting on of fake titties to a man-chest are irrelevant.

The world isn’t shitty because of white men. The world is shitty because of men. The world is shitty because of the cumulative contributions of men from across time, space, and race. No particular group of men is the worst. All groups of men are the worst, and just as you waste time fighting about which group of women is more oppressed, you waste time when you try to figure out (or just plain old assume) which group of men is the worst. Just as different women deal with different shit (because all women experience shit, as women), different men drop different kinds of turds (because all men drop turds, as men). This is easy. And if you can’t go with this easy policy, feminism will never succeed. The reason men are still dominant and hurting us is because they go with ‘easy’. They hate women, all women. Kaboom. Easy peasy. And we waste our time quibbling over details, which in the grand scheme of things (i.e., outside your personal queendom), just divide us. And when building up momentum in what is still a fledgling movement, getting butt-hurt because your special interests aren’t being specifically and uniquely addressed insures that everything will quickly devolve and fall apart. We see this every friggin’ day. And now we are losing our women’s spaces, our girls are being groomed for whoredom earlier than ever before, and herstory is still not allowed to be taught in schools.

Let’s just skim the surface with a few examples of why all men are the worst. Remember that there are thousands of years of conveniently and deliberately erased examples of female destruction at the hands of every group of men that has ever existed. We all descend from rapists. Every. Single. One. Of us.

I live in China, where 99.99% of the men here are Chinese. My Chinese female students (20 years old) are already being pressured into and groomed for marriage despite being allowed to attend university – especially since women are in short supply compared to the number of men. There is no opting out. Talk about sexual slavery… Chinese men are worst.

A few years ago, while in L.A., I went to the creepy crawly Museum of Death. There is all sorts of fetishistic shit there in addition to historic news footage and genuinely interesting stuff on cultural death ritual. I was stopped short in front of a television set playing footage from Africa where a group of about 200 black African men had ganged up on a single lone black African woman stripping beating and raping her. She died in the end. Her ‘crime’? Who the fuck knows. Being a woman? Black African men are the worst.

A couple of years ago, in India, a woman was gang raped to death on a public bus. Further, there are an estimated 3 million female prostitutes in India, almost half of whom are under 18 years of age. Many of these girls are born into prostitution families or sold by their families into this kind of slavery. Indian men are the worst.

White men are leading the pack of rabid, violent, narcissistic, misogynist, middle-aged, autogynopheliac, pedophilic, ex-military, rape-apologist trannies. (And you can pick and choose which adjectives apply. At least one does to every trannie out there.) And white men, gay and straight, are upholding these men’s rights to minstrelize women, and erase their biological reality, their voices of dissent, their spaces, and their very few political rights. White men are the worst.

Muslim men are well known for their barbarism and hatred of women. They cut off clitorises and sew up vaginal openings and rape and kill women in the name of ‘honour’ and Allah all over the world. My own country tolerates all of this under the banner of ‘cultural  sensitivity’. Muslim men had a rape and assault-fest of white women in Germany and Sweden over this past year, and it has been brushed under the carpet and the white women chided and blamed for being cunts and whores who were just asking for it. Muslim refugee rapist men are being welcomed into Western countries in droves. Myself, I was nearly killed by a group of them in Belgium 20 years ago, and then later in Canada, brutally raped by a Muslim of my acquaintance. Muslim men (including Arab, black, and Asian Muslims) are the worst.

And Christian men are the worst. Jewish men are the worst. Men of any and all ages are the worst. Aboriginal men are the worst. Disabled men are the worst. Homeless men are the worst. Conservative men are the worst. Liberal men are the worst. Gay men are the worst. I could go on and on and on.

The point here is this: men are men. They are all WORSE. White men aren’t the worst. They are ALL the worst. Having brown skin doesn’t make you more noble or empathetic or somehow above violence against women. XY = male = violent = woman-hating. Special exceptions? They still benefit from this violence, and I haven’t met a single one who devotes his life to freeing women from violence and oppression. Any ‘help’ comes at a price. Never forget that. No one is worse than anyone else.

When You Aren’t Born with Radar

I have something serious to say, but I’ll start it off with some light-hearted fun. After all, we all know that being female in this day and age and having to deal with the constant male-created obstacles to true humanity is exhausting and depressing and downright dangerous, sometimes. Blowing off some steam every once in a while is an absolute must. So I’ll break this into two parts. The fun part and the serious part.

Part I: Get your trans on!

I’ve discovered a ‘make your own trannie’ site!!!!1!

Well, okay. That’s not what it is called and that is not what it is supposed to be for. It’s actually a very harmful site geared towards teenaged and pre-teen girls who already deeply hate themselves and who have been heavily indoctrinated into the cult of whoredom otherwise known as The World Under Patriarchy.

Yeah, it’s Seventeen Magazine online. And their message is “Welcome to life as a woman, you ugly, worthless bitch!”

What Seventeen offers us laydees is the opportunity to upload photos of our normal, ugly selves and then gives us the tools to dream of what could be… with enough money and self-loathing and insecurity, that is. They fulfill several of the Patriarchal goals: wasting the time and money of females (two things that would help women become independent of men), reinforcing the idea of women as sex and of having one’s value wrapped up in saleable fuckability, and hammering home the idea of inadequacy and self-hatred.

Now for those of us who don’t comply with femininity, who realized early on that wearing make-up makes you look like a cheap clown, and who couldn’t apply eyeliner properly to save our lives, this tool ends up being a hilarious diversion. Or… a helpful assistant in the development of a blog post. Upload photos of men and in less than 5 minutes, you have your own brand-spanking new M2T ready to totter off down the street in stilettos. When I was a child, we didn’t have computers to mess around with, so I had to settle for cross-dressing my Barbie and Ken dolls. (Luckily, no one in my family knew or cared.) If I were a kid these days, I’d be online, trannifying every boy in my class.

Now, in order to avoid publishing photos of dudes who might actually be recognized, I located some computer-generated pics of males that were used in an oh-so-important psych experiment on attractiveness (I’ll save you the mystery of the study findings: human people find computer-generated images more attractive than images of actual people. I prefer men on paper rather than in reality too, but I don’t think that is quite what the study findings were getting at…) So, I uploaded two photos of men to Seventeen, and went to work, sweet memories of trying desperately to snap Barbie’s bikini top closed around Ken’s thick masculine torso swimming in the recesses of my mind. When I discovered velcro and elastic, back in my childhood sewing days, I was in heaven. And so were the dolls 😉

Computer Generated Before-After Male Face 1

Computer Generated Before-After Male Face 2.JPG

In case anyone is wondering, Comp-gen male #1 was given a Kiera Knightly hairdo. Comp-gen dude #2 got the Bella Thorne up-do.

Part II: How the fuck do I tell the difference?

But the original purpose of this post was not to waste time making boys look like stereotyped versions of girls. I can’t imagine that being fun for very long (for me, that is) – I actually prefer doing algebra, to be honest. No, I really just wanted to ask a question. The question concerns an ability all men think all women have, and when it turns out we don’t, and men’s feelings get hurt, we get blamed instead. The ability is this: all women are supposed to innately be able to tell the difference between a sweet, little, innocent man and a rapist. A kind of ‘rapist radar’, if you will. In reality, no women has this. Sometimes, a really creepy dude will set off ‘alarm bells’ in you head, or you’ll get a gut feeling about a dude. But really, women don’t have this magical ability to sort men into two boxes. Rapist and non-rapist. Scary piece of shit and Nice Guy™. What women end up doing instead is naturally fearing ALL men. You’d have to be a complete dingbat (or thoroughly destroyed inside) not to. Given how pervasive violence against women is, and how few shits the powers that be (men) give about women’s safety and rights, the correct position for women to take is to fear all men at all times.

Men don’t like this. They constantly complain that they are ‘not like that’, that women are unfair, and that they hurt men’s fragile little feelings when they react to them with fear or mistrust. Trannies (M2Ts) – the uber-males of the cult of gender fetishizing – are much worse. First, they are mentally ill; second, they are very entitled due to the whole male privilege/rapist class status thing; and third, they have constructed a narrative of false oppression that is necessary to maintaining their delusion that they are female and that allows them to justify obliterating women’s very necessary boundaries.

So tell me this:

Can you tell which one of these two dudes will hurt you?

Computer Generated Male Faces

What about these two dudes?

Computer Generated Trannified  Male Faces

Right. You can’t tell. It could be all of them, or one of them, or none of them. And until a radar is developed that will lock down a violent predator before he can act, women’s spaces must be preserved, the law must reflect the needs of women and their safety, and men must listen to the word ‘no’ and get it through their heads that being a special unicorn and not a rapist is irrelevant. Your feelings are nothing compared to women’s safety and basic freedom. It is the height of arrogance and narcissism not to be able to see this. All men, every single one of you, including trannie pervs, benefit from the effects of violence against women. And you know this is true – or else you would be fighting tooth and nail to end it. And by the way, even if this radar could be developed, women still need their own space away from men. That should never be on the table for elimination.

Tink and Trans: Strange, but Natural, Bedfellows

Are you a fan of Peter Pan? I am decidedly not. Most children’s stories and fairy tales are borne of the male mind and rife with misogyny and cock worship. Peter Pan is especially reflective of the male ‘creative’ mind; not only is it woman-hating, but it is highly androcentric and male dominant. But at least it is asexual (we all really want to be free and childlike) and is probably the most honest fairy tale out there regarding separatist fantasy and a scenario best suited to humans. This last part is the only part I could possibly claim to like. I strongly suspect that humans aren’t really designed to fuck or think about fucking 24/7, and thus, heterosexuality is much more socially constructed than most people believe – designed to keep women in submission and ensure that males survive. I think both sexes would breathe a sigh of relief if they found themselves completely and permanently sex-segregated and able to either be their natural selves: asexual (primarily) or homosexual. Women would be free, happy and would thrive, and men would be free, happy, but would ultimately self-destruct/die out. Male die-out and the extra services women provide to men for free are the only reasons, in my opinion, that men construct and enforce both heterosexuality and hypersexuality. There is nothing ‘natural’ about female dick-servicing or non-stop fucking.

But I digress.

Let’s get to one of the two primary female characters in Peter Pan: Tinkerbell. (I’ll refer to character descriptions from Disney fan sites here.)


Jealous and murderous Tink: Not a real girl.

Tink is a male construction of ideal female. She isn’t a girl, but a female tinker fairy. But everything she does shows how much she wants to be a real girl and to be included in and accepted by the humans. She is cute. She is dainty. She is feminine. She is feisty. She is devoted to cock supremacy. And she hates Wendy – the other primary female character, a human girl. She is incredibly “disgusted” and “irritated” with and “jealous” of Wendy and particularly nasty to her. Even “murderous”. She is very much like women are forced to be of, with and to each other in real life thanks to male socialization. Wendy is a soft, pretty, submissive ‘real girl’. Tink refers to her as an “ugly old girl”. She only comes to sort of ‘like’ Wendy when the latter fully submits and shows her loyalty to Tink and those who Tink values.

Does any of this male supremacist bullshit sound familiar?

Well, cue the Trans, the ultimate woman-hating, male supremacist characters. Let’s do some substitution and see how the comparison holds up.

man tinkerbell MEME

M2T – those men who dress up in minstrelesque lady-face – are the ultimate male supremacists and play Tinkerbell to all other men.

Trans is a male construction of ideal female. They aren’t girls, but males. But everything they do shows how much they want to be real girls and to be included in and accepted by the real males and females. They try to do the cutesy thing. They try to be dainty. They try to be feminine. They act girl-feisty. They are devoted to cock supremacy. And they hate all females – the real human girls/women. They are incredibly “disgusted” and “irritated” with and “jealous” of females and particularly nasty to them. Even “murderous”. They act very much like women are forced to be of, with and to each other in real life thanks to male socialization. They serve to reinforce this forced socialization, in fact. Trans refer to oppositional, defiant real women as an “ugly old girl” (as well as fish, cis, cunts, etc.). They only come to sort of ‘like’ real women when the latter fully submit and show their loyalty to Trans and those who Trans value.

Here’s the thing though. Both Tink and Trans say that everyone must believe in them for them to exist. And while that might be true of the fictional fairy tale character, Tink, in fantasy land, it doesn’t hold for Trans. Trans still exist no matter what anyone believes. They are humans. They are males. We all know they exist in that respect. But their fragile delusions of womanhood don’t exist no matter how many people they can get to clap their hands and chant the Trans-mantra.

Male = Male. Forever. Times a million billion trillion.

Not a Feminist Ally If…

Feminism. The poor term has been battered time and again, and it is still standing. It started off as a less powerful replacement for the clear and proud Women’s Liberation Movement. It has, more than once, fallen out of favour and acquired an unsavoury taste. It seems to have gained in popularity more recently, but perhaps not in a good way. Everyone and their dog seems to be either calling themselves a ‘feminist’ or saying “I’m not a feminist, but…” or pairing the word with choice hate speech against women. I truly think no one really knows what it means anymore and frequently doesn’t resemble anything that was practised by the warrior feminists of yore.

Perhaps the most disturbing resurgence has been among male-identified women and worse, men – straight men, gay men, and men in dresses (trans). This latest trend has rendered the label either practically meaningless or inseparable from Cock Supremacy. Yes, in the mainstream, feminism has become the quest for men to retain their privileges with enthusiastic yessing from liberated women. And the few who live by true feminist principles (radical feminists, especially lesbians) have become the absolute bottom of the human heap. Evil personified.

If you – especially if you’re a man – are strutting around calling yourself a ‘feminist’, then consider the following statements below. Some of these are more obvious than others. Some are complete ‘no-brainers’. But their inclusion is necessary because you wouldn’t believe how many men feel they have a right to weigh in on and be included in every single thing women do – especially when these things concern women alone. And there are plenty of women who put men first in feminism. Chances are, most men who read this list will not be able to see themselves and their behaviour within. This is standard narcissism observable in most men, partially resulting from biological tendencies and partially from socialization as oppressors. Willful disconnect from women’s reality, a free pass to attack women (often victims, the ignorant, and frequently radfems) under the guise of ‘activist feminism’ and perhaps a desperate, immature need to score activist/liberal points (and lays) from self-appointed, unashamed, feminist *sluts*, are the main motivators for adherence to the latest and most liberal feminist current. Personally, I don’t believe in such a creature as the ‘male feminist’. With skepticism based on years of experience, I might allow the title: ‘feminist ally’, which I’ll use below, but I attach parameters/conditions to this very special status. Look for yourself in the list. I might have to turn this whole thing into a Super Fun Quiz™ at some point. But for now, it’s just a list, and as it’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure I’m missing crucial things.

If your support of women’s status as humans depends solely upon my ‘attitude’ (how I respond to you, my willingness to tolerate you, and how nice and accommodating I am to you), then you are not a feminist ally.

If you think someone a) stating a fact you don’t like, b) disagreeing with you, or c) looking at you in a way you don’t like is worse than being raped, you are not a feminist ally.

If you are using derogatory words (cis, fish, TERF, etc) or well-worn slurs (b****, c***, w****, s***, etc.) to refer to women, you are not a feminist ally.

If I say ‘no’ to you and you don’t let it go then and there, you are not a feminist ally.

If you spend more time vocalizing (even if you manage not to mansplain) on feminist blogs and in women’s spaces than you do raising righteous hell among men, you are not a feminist ally.

If your support of women’s status does not include criminalizing, with the aim to abolish, the demand for pornography and prostitution, you are not a feminist ally.

If you are still having penile-penetrative sex with women, you are not a feminist ally.

If you think sex (especially intercourse) is a fundamental human right, you are not a feminist ally.

If you are not standing up against trans people’s hate speech and hate crimes against women, and instead support their takeover and further subordination of ACTUAL women, you are not a feminist ally.

If you can’t understand what the big deal is about protecting women-only spaces, you are not a feminist ally.

If you find your feminist voice in loudly holding women responsible for racism (and other isms), you are not a feminist ally.

If you get offended or pissy or outright angry if a woman reacts to your presence or words with fear/aversion, you are not a feminist ally.

If you think feminism has at its core anything other than the liberation of women from the oppression of men, you are not a feminist ally.

If you respond to women’s free speech with death or rape threats or slurs, you are not a feminist ally.

If you see no problem with a born male (regardless of how he ‘identifies’ now) leading feminist organizations, lesbian groups, or women’s studies classes/departments, you are not a feminist ally.

If you believe the presence of a single male (let alone several males) has no effect on the dynamics of a group of women, you are not a feminist ally.

If you put your identity and feelings above the safety of the entire class of people called women, you are not a feminist ally.

If you are quick to blame women for what men have done to you personally, you are not a feminist ally.

If you cherry-pick ‘scientific’ studies to confirm your point-of-view instead of looking objectively for legitimately acquired facts that run the risk of proving you wrong, you are not a feminist ally.

If you are under the delusion that trans or blacks or any other racial or religious group are more ‘oppressed’ than women, you are not a feminist ally.

If you can’t understand the difference between sex and gender, you are not a feminist ally.

If you can’t see the male trans performance of femininity as being as offensive and horrific as a blackface minstrel show, you are not a feminist ally.

Call me harsh, but seriously, women have been both strong-armed and shamed / manipulated into making concessions to men without getting anything but grief through the erosion of rights and voice in return. None of the above items concerning basic female rights and freedoms hurts men in any way. Removal of privilege does not equal harm or oppression.

This is part of the Wolves in Women’s Clothing series.

Waiting for It: The First Trannie School Shooting

Like all people, I’m constantly surrounded by male violence and the sensationalism and glorification of male violence. Today was no different.

I was forced to spend precious time dealing with Chinese racist bullshit today, and as I was standing in one of the businesses I had to deal with, my attention swivelled to the television they had turned on in a corner of the establishment. It was news hour, and lo and behold, the story was about some Chinese man who’d made a video (ransom demand? who the hell knows) of himself with a knife to the throat of some Chinese kid. All the customers, including a little kid hanging about, were riveted. I was disgusted. Same shit, different day, different country, different culture. Men being garbage and shitting on innocents.

And that sent my mind to wander. In the US, the same scenario has presented itself time and time again – the weapon of choice is more likely to be a gun, but the intent is the same. Psycho man threatens woman or child or a whole mess of them at once. And my mind turned to how women just don’t do this shit. You never see news stories about women taking hostages (unless they are under the thrall of a male psychopath), or shooting up places, or doing random violence. Very rarely you’ll see a mother who has killed her children; I’m actually surprised we don’t see more of this given how many women are forced into motherhood and marital slavery despite hating children and become mentally broken down as a result, but that is another post. I’m following a train of thought here.

So after contemplating how little violent crime is perpetrated by women, my mind turned to school shootings and the little turds who commit that kind of crime. They are ALWAYS male. Always. Always. It’s a very male thing to do despite most people’s knee-jerk scrambling wish to explain away the behaviour as a random act. Nope. Men are about violence. It is their solution to what they see as problems.

And then my mind turned to trannies, in particular men and boys who feel squishy inside and think that squishiness is an essential and defining female quality. With the desperate push all over the West now to convert boys to girls as early as possible, I really believe we are going to see a change in crime statistics. Suddenly, there will be (we’re seeing it already!) this inexplicable (haha) increase in women raping women. Magic! Sociologists are likely salivating over a new conundrum. Why are girls suddenly becoming so violent? We don’t understand despite all our insight and higher learning. What could be going on??? Is it all the education girls are getting these days? Is it that evil feminism corrupting them???

No, undeserving PhD holders. You see, putting a dress on a boy doesn’t change anything except his outward appearance. He is still a boy with all the violent tendencies that go along with XY status. When he commits violent acts, he is doing it as a boy and because he is a boy. I mean, I read some of the threatening, evil shit they write to and about women online, and all I see and hear is male. Women don’t talk filth like trannies do.

And I really think it is only a matter of time before one of these social-outcast, mentally deranged, confused, damaged, gun-home-residing boys comes to school in a dress and a mask and toting a metal penis gun, and shoots the fucking place up. And he’ll shoot girls, primarily. Because girls – especially ones who don’t trust and embrace them without question – are the natural enemy of a trans, according to most of them. And the news headline will read “First female mass school shooting.” And a whole new cohort of sociologists will have their PhD dissertation material at the ready. And I guarantee you that under the bus, you’ll find a badly smushed radical feminism, an easy target for all that’s wrong with the world.



Gay Men Hate You Too

Women have very little idea of how much men hate them.

Germaine Greer

I generally dislike using quotes and those who quote frequently/constantly either in speaking or writing. I teach my writing students that, unless their essays are specifically about discussing the ideas inherent in a particular quote, to try to avoid using quotes altogether because it breeds a dependency on them and a lack of originality in thinking. My problems with quotes are multi-fold. First, most things have been said before in different ways by many people. Second, men frequently get credit for things that were most likely said by women first (often their mothers or female spouses, but also friends and colleagues). Third, nasty and/or dumb people live on in history for some chance statement that they have stolen and said loudly enough to be heard, and are then remembered as clever or noble. And finally, heavy reliance upon quotes can be problematic as it prevents you from trying to use your own words, and I find that most of us misunderstand the original meaning of quotes or get the attribution wrong. Quotes can be handy for starting discussions or to start an essay, but addiction is easy.

I do take a bit of exception to feminist quotes because for one, women, their existence, their ideas, and their words are typically erased from history by men. When a feminist says something important that is remembered, I try to preserve it. As well, feminists tell us very important truths about reality, and we’d all do well to remember them. Women tend not to remember or even acknowledge their realities. So I have a choice slideshow of feminist quotes in my sidebar, and today, I’ve pulled one of my favourites, one of the simplest and easiest to remember, and of course, one of the messages that pretty much all women forget.

It would be easy and convenient if it were only rich, white, Christian, straight dudes who were the thorn in Woman’s side. They could easily be targeted and dealt with. They certainly are not the majority in the world. But alas, it is not true. The truth is that all men hate all women. It might be seething violent hate manifesting openly in criminal behaviour against women. But it can also be as hidden as an undersized testicle, no one finding out about it until the right set of circumstances put you into direct contact with it. But it is there, in all men. On a continuum from violently open to extremely well-hidden. And one thing women don’t want to believe is that even men who are clear or visible members of Oppressed Groups™ hate them too. One of the worst mistakes a woman can make is to assume that a man can bond with her over being silenced or erased.

No, you see, men are men and all that comes with it (this is the differential interaction effect of nature and nurture on females and males). Key among their group qualities is a real and significant inability to empathize. And this means that men in groups that are hurt by society are unable to feel anything for other marginalized groups and are often quite easily able to abuse those people without any kind of self-reflection. And by ‘those people’, I mean women, primarily. Oppressed men can frequently feel some kind of kinship with men from other marginalized groups, but not with women, in general, or women in said groups. So in this way, a poor man can show support for a gay man, but is open about his rape fantasies of lesbians or watches ‘lesbian’ porn. Likewise, men of any and all groups will take the PTSD of male soldiers seriously, but will have a laugh about or just dismiss the rape of female soldiers by these same male soldiers. (Oh, and by the way, soldiers are not ‘oppressed’ – quite the opposite, in fact, as they are state-sanctioned murderers, and the males are state-sanctioned rapists, as well. I’m referring to PTSD, a mental health condition, which is marginalizing.)

And within groups themselves, women have discovered that fighting the good fight alongside their male counterparts hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be. Lesbians don’t get support from gay men. Poor women don’t get support from poor men. Atheist women don’t get support from atheist men. Black women don’t get support from black men. Rather, they are expected to do all the grunt work, act as cannon fodder on the front lines including getting arrested, take charge of feeding and watering the male members, look after children if there are any, and (except in the case of LGB groups – although that is changing since adding the T and Q) provide sex. When there are movements for change, what women forget is that men aren’t interested in equality. They are interested in moving up the ladder of power, the rungs of which are women’s backs, and we see this time and again in revolutionary movements. The underclass fights the oppressors, and then replaces them and keeps the same male hierarchy in place. Nothing changes. Women are still on the bottom and left wondering what the fight was for.

So let’s get to gay men – that is, after all, the topic of this post.

I recently wrote a post about another marginalized group – atheists. And as atheist men hate you, so do gay men.

I just spent three weeks travelling through California, which means I was surrounded by tons of out-and-proud gay men loudly spewing woman-hate, and not caring if women were around to hear them. I sat in restaurants PAYING for service that didn’t just include food, but also large sides of misogyny. PAYING to sit there listening to the gay men across the room – including gay staff members – talk about bitches and cunts and say some of the most misogynist things I heard on my trip, even surpassing the bullshit said by straight men I encountered. If I were a gay man having to listen to homophobia in a restaurant, I could probably sue. But as a woman, I have no rights to feel safe in a public place. I would have been laughed out of the joint.

You don’t have to look far to find nice little object lessons. And yet another was presented to me the other day online. The latest horrific piece of news in Trans-World is that some smug little MtT is looking to take leadership within the UK’s National Union of Students as the Women’s Officer. It is distressing. And women are blogging in protest. I headed over to the reblog of an article on this by a woman I read only to find some dude was already jizzing all over the comments. He had provided an insulting reference to a female public figure commenting on how the trans looked like her (he didn’t, actually – I couldn’t see the similarity). He also couldn’t figure out from the title of the original blogged article what the issue was with a trannie heading up the arm of a major women’s organization. He went on a mansplaining, dick-wagging, woman-shaming blah-blah-blah about clothing and how lesbians dress or don’t dress. It actually didn’t make any sense and had nothing to do with why the article was reblogged. If the mainsplaining didn’t give him away as a misogynist, it was the inability to understand the problem with the article that did.

I normally try to resist interacting with clueless men, but he asked a question: what is the issue here? He thought it was clothing. I had no idea he was gay or actually known to and a friend of the female blogger. All I knew was that he was pro-trans and thus anti-feminist. I mean seriously, he has nothing to lose from a man taking over a woman’s movement or women’s spaces. So, of course, he will promote it. Only women are hurt by this. So I let him know that the information about what was being disapproved of was clear in the title (directly naming ‘male pretendbian’, which we all know means ‘MtT pretending to be a lesbian’) of the post. I mean come on, my Chinese students have better reading comprehension, I said. The misogynist responded with a flurry of woman-hate, calling me both a genius AND an imbecile, which was hilarious, and for some bizarre reason, telling me that the article was a reblog, which I and everyone else knew. And then, when I addressed the blogger on the woman-hate in the comment section, Dood attacked me again by announcing his gayness and positing that the only way he could possibly hurt women is by throwing a glitter bomb on us. Clueless, but given that he supports men in dresses, and by definition, of the pro-trans right of men (in dresses) to demand sex from lesbians, this is not a big surprise. Men think they are harmless. Even when they are in the middle of being harmful.

Gay men may not actually rape us, but they play an important role in normalizing violent and denigrating thinking about women and about normalizing the idea of women as objects (e.g., negating women in the LGB movement) and filthy, hateful things (e.g., the ‘ick factor’) or as walking pornified sexual stereotypes (e.g., gender reinforcement through drag queening). And they are often more vocal in their misogyny than straight men. And they are just as excellent at mansplaining as straight dudes. And because they are marginalized, they get away with it.

The lesson here is that you should never forget that no matter how marginalized a man may say he is or that society says he is, he is always more powerful than all women. As I appear to continually say (because it’s true, goddammit), penis trumps vagina. Always. Always. Always. Don’t be fooled. Gay men hate you too. And it’s more than just glitter bombs and cat fights they threaten you with.

Fine, Let’s Just Have Two Male Bathrooms

Living in China and Taiwan has frequently made me feel I’m living out surreal Kafka-like scenarios. Strange racist demands or limitations or really unfair policies directed only at foreigners are delivered with a straight face to the foreign victim, and there is always the implication that you are psychotic for not going along quietly and seeing how rational the treatment is.

I’ve been told I can’t have a university faculty email address because I might be a spy for my government. I’ve turned down jobs where I was told I would have a significant portion of my earnings withheld until I could prove I was honest. Guilty until proven innocent are foreigners. And I’ve been chained into my residential building at night because it was ‘safer’ that way – in some places, I was not allowed by the police to live outside the school, so there really was no avoiding a prison atmosphere.

And because many people’s knee-jerk reactions will be: you’re Western, you can’t complain, and this doesn’t sound so bad – let’s paint this in another way. Imagine in your country, disallowing Chinese university instructors staff email addresses, withholding only the Chinese instructors’ paycheques, or chaining Chinese instructors into their staff housing at night if they are forced to live on campus. Yeah, that makes it sound a little crazier, yes? Well, it is normal to do this to foreigners here.

This is Chinese thinking and they explain and do these things as if they believe they are correct and good for Chinese for foreigners. To the recipient of these edicts, your mind starts spinning. In what world is this rational? In what world are these not human rights abuses? One has no way of fighting this. I’ve spoken about China being another planet before. China is a fucked up place, but it is fucked up in a different way than Western or other countries are. For example, they are not dealing with the West’s equally Kafkaesque trannie issues.

This is Now a Men's WashroomIn the trans wars, the victims expected to accept human rights abuses are women, not foreigners. I’ve read countless examples of what appear to be very male-entitled, mentally ill MtT people (men) demanding the conversion of a safe’ish female-only space (bathrooms and change rooms) into man-friendly zones.

I don’t believe on principle that non-gender-conforming men should be messed with by other men because of their non-conformity – it is stupid and unfair and typical male bullshit. BUT it is a men’s issue, and I won’t waste my precious energy policing man-on-man violence. If they want to kill each other, have at it. If they all disappeared, women would finally be safe. How would this be a bad thing???

Bathroom2These non-conforming men lose the tiny bit of sympathy I can muster for them when they try to solve their problems at the expense of women. And of course, that is what they automatically do. That is what men do. “Poor me. Men hate me. I, I, I know! I will make myself feel better by shitting on women! Yeah! We’ve been doing it forever, and they are not allowed to fight back! Problem solved.” Instead of creating trannie spaces, which is the logical and fair thing to do, they just take the little that women have. It is so much easier to conquer an already conquered class than to start from scratch and forge your own resources and spaces and identities.

And so the invasion of women’s very private and safe’ish spaces – the very places we piss, shit, deal with our menstrual blood, cry, hide, escape from men, have a private moment, change our clothes, and sometimes exchange woman-oriented information and bonds – is well under-way. Men under the delusion (and sometimes not so deluded delusion…) that they are women because they like Hello Kitty and sparkly nail polish are convincing the legal system in general, and institutions/organizations one-by-one that they need to invade have access to women’s bodies, privacy, feeling of security, spaces.

And what can women do when they try to argue against the invasion of men into their very private spaces? Nothing. It is a Kafka-like scenario – it is so messed up, it is hard to even get a handle on rational thought. Women are suddenly the oppressors. Trans are being victimized. No word is made of how they are treated in the male bathroom/change room and that the violence being done to them (if any) is by men. It is women preventing the individual from feeling safe. It is women preventing the trans from having a place to do his business. It is not logical, rational, sense-making. And given that she is now painted as an oppressor, the woman has two ‘choices’: accept having to do her business in a male space, or not entering the space at all (having nowhere to go at all). There is no longer a woman’s bathroom/change room, but two men’s rooms.

And the best part? If a trans commits any kind of hate crime against the women whose space he has now legally taken over and in these very spaces, it is seen as woman-on-woman crime. Mark my words, we are going to see a ‘strange’ and ‘inexplicable’ jump in sex crimes with female perps, and men will sit back and smugly say: “See? Women are violent too.”

My Planet Is Simpler, but Not Better

I first moved to another planet in 2003. It was called Taiwan. And then several years after leaving, I returned to that part of the solar system and moved to a planet called China.

I guess I should explain, since I’m coming off as a space cadet of sorts. There are places you go that feel so completely different and seem to operate so differently that it’s as if they are a separate world from your own. There are a number of things that factor into other-worldliness. Operating language, political and economic system, values, social structure, racial composition, general standard of living, environmental conditions, educational system, taboos – really, it’s hard to list everything that goes into how out of your element you might feel. I think it’s different for everyone – both the factors and the level of differentness you experience.

I don’t really want to get into the particulars of China or Chinese culture except where they involve feminism and atheism – the purpose of this blog. I have a completely separate blog on China that I have maintained for several years.

I will say that while Chinese culture is very complex and convoluted in some ways, there is something missing that the West hasn’t managed to export (yet) and that makes it very simple in some important ways.

Sexual and identity politics.

When I read what Western feminists are talking about – things that are going on in their home countries, particularly around trannies and issues surrounding the silencing of feminists – it is a little hard for me to believe. It has been a while since I lived in – or I should say was immersed in – Western culture. Even in the last 10 years when I have lived in the West, I’ve not lived in cities or around young people or within academic circles. So it astounds me the level of craziness that is going on with this need to ‘identify as’ something. To be honest, it sounds very ‘high school’ to me. It smacks of this needy, dysfunctional immaturity that one typically sees with teenagers as they strive so hard to be different, unique and rebellious, and that ends up making them all kind of the same. Pathetic, sometimes laughable, but mostly harmless. Most of us go through it – when we are kids – it’s a phase. But unlike with teenagers and their identity quests, what is going on is having serious legal and social consequences. For women, feminists in particular. Nothing laughable about that.

We just don’t have this in China. We are still barely dealing with the idea of homosexuality here. And for me, since I’ve become used to the insanity that for a long time marked China as a different planet, the sexual/identity repression has become a major factor in my seeing/feeling China as another world.

It is very hard for me to describe China to people who have never been here in a way that they can understand. For example, the best, but still mostly inadequate, way for me to describe it is that it is a mix of the 1950’s and almost-now. The almost-now part refers to technology. For example, their high speed rail system is top notch and puts public transportation in North America to shame. And they skipped email and went straight to smart phones and texting as the primary mode of communication. But sexually and socially, China is living in the past. A traditional culture coupled with a dictatorial government is responsible, I believe. Gender roles are strict and people generally comply. Even the rebellious weirdo type isn’t commonly seen – and I live in a major city where you are more likely to see this stuff.

To this day, I’ve only met one person who has told me they are gay, even though my gaydar has gone off for both males and females tons of times over the years. These folks will go on to marry and breed and perhaps never wonder why there is little joy in their arrangement, unfortunately. I’ve met many people who adamantly profess that they are not gay, however. The gay-jokey accusations are constant among students. All in all, being gay really isn’t on the table as an option and there is nothing resembling a social movement here.

But on a smaller scale, I’ve noticed that students are paying more lip-service to both valuing female babies as well as acknowledging that gay people both exist and should be treated better, however. One of my Masters students asked if he could choose the topic of gay rights for his speech in my class – not that HE was gay – because he was feeling some shame and sympathy that gays and lesbians were treated so badly in China. He also told me that he wouldn’t dare talk about this anywhere other than in our English class – it wouldn’t be accepted. I’ve also noticed a few student groups tackle a gay topic when our department has held film-making contests.

All in all, this is where things are in China’s sexual landscape with regard to identity. It feels not sufficiently open but safe from identity pirates at the same time. It is a naive society, although becoming less naive due to the intrusion of Western sitcoms coming through via the internet. I’m not aware of any Western television programs that both encapsulate the transgender or queer identity madness and have made their way into Chinese consciousness. I’m trying to imagine attempting to explain it to my students. Someone would inevitably ask me what it all means. I do get students ask me why, for example, Americans are obsessed with sex. That is what they see in television and films. Sex, sex, and more sex. And I try to give an explanation.

I don’t really feel I’ve done this topic justice, but I’ll conclude. While I feel like I’m living on a completely different planet, I will say that similar to the planets I’m familiar with, all are run on patriarchy and misogyny. China is simpler, but not better, and at its core, perhaps not all that different.

Addendum: I just read the following post by Phonaesthetica on the show ‘Transparent’, and the second-to-last episode of season 2 which paints lesbians in a bad light because they don’t accept MtTs in their space. The description of the episode sounds like the usual activist drivel – the man-in-dress character is painted as a Nazi-victim. I’m glad this nonsense hasn’t hit China. I’m having this weird sense of dread that like with their technology experience (skipping email and going directly to text messaging), they are going to skip the gay rights movement and move directly into pushing every gender-confused person into forced sex changes. Sounds crazy, but yanno, this is a crazy world.


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