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A Realistic Pessimist Speaks

In order to be enslaved or oppressed, you need a master group. This master group has control over the subservient group’s rights and freedoms and even the quality of their daily lives and what they believe, think and do. To achieve liberation from the master group, the enslaved have to plead, convince or fight the former. They need significant support from fellow members of their group. It is easiest to achieve freedom when some or all of the master group no longer see releasing the enslaved as threatening to the privilege to which they have become accustomed. It also helps to have the support of other enslaved groups, especially if it they can be convinced they are more ‘privileged’ than the group actively seeking release.

We’ve seen many enslaved groups throughout time released by master groups through pleading, convincing and/or fighting. In all cases, they have had strength in numbers among their own group, have been able to demonstrate that their release doesn’t pose a threat to the complacent powerful masters, and have had strong support from other desperate outcasts.

Some well-documented examples include African slaves in the US. The majority of blacks were united in their desire for freedom; several members of the master class (i.e., Northern American males; British liberal males; Canadians via the Underground Railroad) were not economically dependent on slavery and thus didn’t see the utility of its continued existence as well as believed in human male rights; and many white women, who were themselves slaves to white men, were vocal about releasing black men and women from the atrocities of slavery. All ingredients were present, slavery was abolished, black men were given the vote and freedom from their direct oppressors. Women of all colours stayed slaves to men…

In more recent years, we’ve seen massive inroads in gay rights – although more so for gay men than for lesbians, of course. Homosexuals have, for much longer than and by all racial groups, been erased, abused, and denied basic human rights and freedoms. Killing and torture have always been more likely for a gay individual than for any non-white. To this day, ALL countries in the world and ALL races perpetuate anti-gay violence, rape of lesbians, erasure of lesbian history and public presence, and denial of political, legal and social freedoms. Patriarchy-fuelled, anti-woman, forced heterosexuality has been the greatest enemy of homosexuals fueled in large part by religion and/or traditional cultures. Gays have successfully appealed to their heterosexual masters by maintaining that they don’t want to change the system, but rather to participate in standard heterosexual, anti-woman traditions, such as marriage and breeding. Some lesbians have also appealed to hetero masters by performing anti-woman femininity rituals; subscribing to and aggressively defending anti-woman gender role parodies (butch/femme); engaging in porn and BDSM participation and consumption; and by claiming ‘bisexuality’. More recently, acceptance has been achieved by supporting violent, anti-woman, male trannie policy changes that undermine all progress lesbians have made. Gay individuals, lesbians especially, find themselves in poverty, silenced, and in danger when they don’t support anti-woman, pro-religious, pro-patriarchy policy and rhetoric, and have been ostracized from most to all previously gay-focused groups. There is no such thing as a lesbian-only space anymore, alas. It is hard to predict the future for lesbians, but gay men are sitting very pretty.

The only group that has never risen en masse as a united group with a clear goal has been women.  Female slavery is the longest, most complex, most accepted slavery in the history of the world. It is the only slavery that relies upon intense, multi-layered programming and propaganda. It is the only slavery that has been accepted in every corner of the earth. It is the only slavery that has for millenia been unquestioned by the masses either on the basis of false ‘evidence’ from religious doctrine or from Nature/evolution. The master class, men, has been united in the enslavement of women, however.

Now women’s only real potential source of support from a fellow oppressed group is that of gay men. Gay men are the group from the master class with the least to  lose by the emancipation of women. So why haven’t gay men rallied and given all women the support they need to achieve freedom from male slavery? Really, all other groups have managed to find support from the fellow oppressed. I suspect that the primary reason is that all other groups have depended on female support to get their movements off the ground. Gay men are not women, and are thus self-centred and selfish. Men tend to only support things if they know what they themselves are going to get out of it. Further, gay men, while not directly invested in the keeping pussy available and acquiescent (unless they are renting a uterus for baby implantation or they are using a vagina to find out if they are gay or bi or plain old straight), still gain a lot from female enslavement. Gay men don’t suffer poverty like lesbians do. And every group of men on the planet tends to need to feel like someone is under them. Men don’t like being on the bottom of the hierarchy. All oppressed groups that have been supported by women have ditched the bitches once they have achieved their freedom. Gay men have been no different. They have accepted and taken for granted all kinds of support from women, but have given nothing back in return but scorn, hate speech, and support for the woman-hating beauty/fashion industry.

No heterosexual man will ever support the emancipation of women because he perceives he has too much to lose. This is not just what I think. Rather, this is what men tell us every day when they complain about even weak forms of feminism. Men complain about not being able to sexually harass and assault women freely anymore – although they use the words ‘flirting’ and ‘having fun’. Feminists have ruined it for men with their ‘political correctness’ and their ‘over-sensitivity’. You see, men believe they have a god- or -Nature-given right to access women’s bodies, emotional services and domestic services for free any time. Feminists or perceived feminists are emasculating men everywhere. (Wait, isn’t that oversensitivity…?) Indeed the entire structure of capitalism is built upon having access to women’s labour and support for free or cheap, as well as to be able to define products and services in ways that should never exist (i.e., sex is a service, or a woman’s body is a commodity – thus, anything goes). To emancipate women is to remove privilege from men, not remove human rights from men. Men see their privilege as ‘rights’. Wrong. So, to repeat, women will never, ever find support from men for true feminism (not to be confused with ‘liberal feminism’, which is not feminism).

Another problem is that women are the only class of enslaved people in history who are thoroughly entwined with their masters. No other group lives with and sleeps with their overlord of their own free will. And no other group breeds members of the master class. Having boyfriends, husbands and sons, all of whom have privilege over them and who force emotional and even biological ties with them, ensures that women remain entirely confused about what constitutes freedom as a woman from men as a class.

Further, women are not united as a class in their purpose. Most women are the true definition of the ‘happy slave’, indoctrinated from birth to believe in and live their slavery like it is the most natural thing in the world. They even police one another’s thoughts and behaviours to great effectiveness. To eschew the programming is to bring great punishment upon themselves socially and economically. A woman who doesn’t follow the rules set out by men finds herself economically very vulnerable, physically and sexually unprotected, and very much alone socially. There are many mechanisms in place to keep women believing they are meant to be exactly where they are: on the bottom.

There has been a little of this in all enslaved groups. For a very short period of time, some African slaves may have believed they were exactly where they should be, but it didn’t last long due to geographical limitations and massive support against their predicament from a variety of sources. At certain points in time, and in certain places, gays, especially religious ones, questioned every ounce of their being and believed they should be punished for unnatural ways, but that has mostly been eradicated in modern countries due to widespread support and acceptance, even from a few religious groups. Women, however, are so programmed that many fight for their right to BE slaves, to service the master class and will even incorrectly call themselves ‘feminists’ for believing that female slavery is freedom, à la 1984. That has never been seen before within an enslaved group on such a scale. Who has fought so hard to stay enslaved besides women??? I’m hard-pressed to come up with an answer.

Can women be united and plead, convince, or fight their way to freedom from men? Probably not. As long as women accept heterosexuality as natural (which it isn’t, for women) (men are omnisexual) and are programmed into believing that they must breed or else there is something wrong with them, they will remain enslaved and completely disconnected from other women whom they’ve been trained to see as enemies and subsequently treat with mistrust.

A French, heterosexual, economically well-off, liberal feminist with a husband and two heterosexual sons told me recently that I must be a pessimist because I fight for women and don’t see a clear end to what I perceive the problem to be. She, by the way, does NOTHING for women, but like all liberal ‘feminists’ is an anti-racism activist. Anti-racism is easy and safe, and it gets you lots of head pats without putting you in danger from men or threatening your cosy hetero lifestyle. It also doesn’t make the world a better place for women as a class. I’m a realist. Fighting for women is one of the most dangerous things you can do these days, and that is how you know that women are still slaves, and feminism is needed. More than anything else in the world, in fact.

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