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Taking Responsibility for the Good Stuff is Easy

Nowhere is it more publicly apparent that people are happy to accept kudos than in the United States. It is bumper sticker land. It is opinions-on-t-shirts land. It is the land where people are very, very concerned with getting credit for absolutely everything they do (and even stuff they didn’t do – yep, men, I’m talking about you). And strangely, even credit for stupid shit. American men see nothing shameful about wearing their pro-rape opinions on their manly chests; and American women sport the words ‘slut’, rape invitations, and other self-degradation and object status on their tits and asses along with vacant smiles and empty eyes. I was made aware of a case in Florida (the land of the truly embarrassing) during the conducting of job interviews, and a woman showed up wearing a low-cut shirt that revealed quite nicely the penis she had tattooed between her boobs indicating her function as an enthusiastic tit-fuckee. Yeah, seriously. And the job wasn’t for ‘tit-fuckee’.

Americans. Jezus fucking christ on a stick. Nobody does it better… sing along now.

As a Canadian and a Westerner that often has to explain very confusing shit Americans do publicly and in media (TV and film) to naive Chinese university students who wouldn’t dream of advertising their opinions in public for fear of arrest and/or social ostracism, I find it embarrassing. And maddening. And scary – I am on the receiving end of white whore treatment by Chinese thanks to Hollywood and other American rape-mills. I still intend to write a post about freedom at some point. It’s a topic I always bring up with my Masters and PhD students for discussion, and it’s usually fascinating. What most Americans call ‘freedom’, I call a shameful display of Dumb – with a capital D – with side dishes of sheer arrogance and ignorance. But the worst part is just how much American culture is hurting women. Western women more than anyone else, and white women in particular, as the latter tend to be the most highly sexualized, the most hated, and, sadly, the most self-hating group of women on the planet.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know some smart Yanks, but as a culture, they’ve added a badly unneeded layer of intellectual sludge to the existing layers, consisting of porn, rape as sport and entertainment, and public displays of Dumb coated with Pride. But I don’t fully blame them. No. Like with everything bad that the world blames the New World for, it ALL is firmly rooted in Europe. Capitalism (which in turn has its roots in the Arab world, ironically), individualism, colonization, slavery, and the Western version of the porn, pedophilia, and rape fantasy shit we know and love today. Europeans love to criticize the New World – especially the US – but as I said, it all began with European fuckery. And interestingly, Europeans are never held accountable for any of it. Americans are convenient, and well, they do take everything to a much more horrible level. But that, however, is simply because of technology. If the technology we have today existed in the Marquis de Sade’s time, where would we be now…? I shudder to think… As it is, give it a few decades. A lot of women are going to die. It’s going to get worse. Seriously. Very rapidly escalating, empty-headed violence for the completely useless purpose of boner-popping. That is men’s big contribution to the world.

Anyhow, let’s get to the topic of responsibility. This is a global topic. I just trashed Americans, and took out the historic Euro-trash. But really, all places and all people are the same. We love to get a pat on the back for good things that happen. We are amazingly responsible for things that aren’t actually accomplishments or things that we didn’t really have much to do with. Take, for example, parents. All parents like to take credit for their brats’ achievements, large and small. (I cringe every time I see a bumper sticker in the US about some child on the honour roll – like grades mean ANYTHING these days. They don’t.) And actually, society likes to heap praise on said parents. Somehow, everything they did led to the success of their child. What great parents! Yay!

But what about when your son turns out to be a rapist? Or your daughter runs away from home for some inconceivable reason (um, incest much?) and ends up hooking and a drug addict. Oh no! Not me! That’s not my fault! How can it be possible that a father – and especially a mother, usually the primary care-giver who spends nearly every waking minute with her kiddo for the first and extremely developmentally crucial years of its life and happily takes responsibility for her kids’ good grades – had absolutely nothing to do with the kids’ criminal leanings or any atrocities committed by said kid? How can you be responsible for how a good kid turned out, but had nothing to do with how a bad kid turned out? Sorry, parents – mum AND dad – you can’t have it both ways. And despite what feminists say about relieving mothers of all blame for the shit they inflict on their kids, I am just fine with justifiable blame. If you, as a parent, aren’t responsible, then tell me who the fuck is??? Just as my students don’t understand that being a student is essentially a job (payment is a degree or diploma) and therefore, they don’t have to do any work to get a good grade from me, parents tend not to see parenting as a job — unless it is convenient to do so. I’m all for primary caregivers receiving a wage from working partners (another post I want to write about) – half of the latter’s salary is perfectly reasonable for a housewife/mother – but you have to do the job properly. Not having a clue about violent porn on the internet and letting boy-children have unfettered access to a computer, is a dumbass excuse a lot of parents these days use when they discover that they are living with a little shitlord instead of a human. ‘Not my responsibility as a parent to know what my child is exposed to…’

There are plenty of other things people choose to be (or not be) responsible for. One of my favourites, living where I do, in China, is the constant complaint about the horrific number of people and all the problems it causes here. And trust me, people complain a lot. And trust me, over-population is a massive problem in most of China. People fantasize about leaving China and taking over another country to escape all the problems associated with over-population. But who is responsible??? Why is it so over-crowded and what can be done? Well, like in all countries, people put responsibility for change and fixing on the government. No one ever has to think about their own personal decisions. Government decides and then no people can be blamed for following blindly without using their brains in decision-making. So for a while, the Chinese government did try to control the population. Most people were allowed to have one child. Muslims were allowed to continue to breed uncontrollably. Farmers were allowed to have at least 2. And other native peoples avoided restrictions too. And we know how that turned out. Massive selective female fetus abortion. Female baby abandonment and killings. And there are very serious repercussions being experienced right now. The government has been gradually loosening controls. In many provinces, people can have two kids. Many of my students have at least one sibling. I’ve met young people with 2-5 siblings (sometimes illegal ones). And the looser things get, the more babies people will have. But people don’t believe that over-population is a personal problem. What they do doesn’t affect the whole. It’s like magic. And evidence to the contrary doesn’t affect logic or the willingness to change one’s personal choices. One might hate going to a swimming pool with 2,000 people in it and no lifeguards (seriously) or not being able to buy a ticket to go home during Chinese New Year, but the idea of not breeding? No way! Your child contribution will not affect the total. How could it? Other people are causing the problem. Not you. I will absolutely give kudos to those few, brave white women I know who made the ‘easy-difficult-honest’ decision not to breed and are doing their part to reduce the population. It is usually white women who fight for reproductive rights first and take the beatings and negative effects, including hatred and blame, for the rest of the world, and as I’ll write about in another post, reproductive rights include, first and foremost, the right NOT to breed, not the right to breed.

There are tons of other things people don’t want to take PERSONAL responsibility for. Global warming. Gun violence. Terrorism. The widespread poisoning of the water and food supply. The dumbing down of education for children all over the world. The run-away train that is capitalism. And much more.

But to take personal responsibility means that life is not going to be as easy for you. Well, under our current, sick, rape-oriented, female-slavery system, that is. And it means you have to really take a good honest look at your life, the kind of person you are, and your real contributions (negative and positive). It is easy to say you were involved in something good happening, but much, much more difficult to do something about your bad decisions – or better yet – to think and act before making the bad decision.

But this is how the ‘tragedy of the commons’ works. Doing what’s best for the common good, although the best decision in the long-run, is far beyond the limited minds of most simple thinkers. And avoidance and denial regarding your membership in a society help you to do the wrong thing every time a decision needs to be made.

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