Love = Hate series

Men. They hate women. They all do. They’ll often tell you they love you or they love women or they love specific groups of women. Sometimes, they say it in an innocent “would I lie to you?” way. Sometimes in a pervy way. But note a few things here:

  1. They don’t feel ‘love’ in a way that women love or understand love.
  2. Their claims are actually lies designed to manipulate women and achieve some narcissistic goal (e.g., sex, free labour, emotional energy, money, etc.).
  3. Any positive emotion, expression or statement they are dressing up as love is conditional and is rescindable at any time once you (or any woman) defy him.

Test it out if you want to get to the truth. Deny a man something he considers to be his right, but is really just male privilege (e.g., regular access to your pussy for masturbatory purposes; access to your understanding and coddling and nurturing, etc.), and you will find out what he really thinks about you and the rest of your sisters. Deny him and you’ll find out how close to the surface his underlying woman-hate flows. Unveiling the truth is scary shit though, so make sure you have an escape plan or back-up once this shit hits the fan. Men can be very dangerous when they realize you don’t enjoy slavery and submission as much as they thought you did. Women with self-respect and opinions, especially if they start coming out of nowhere suddenly, are threats to the fragile male ego.

Discussions of woman-‘love’/hate follow.

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