Birth of a Feminist series

[Series originally announced, with background here.]


the origin or mode of formation of something

Feminists, or women-centred women:

  • are born;
  • swiftly and relentlessly undone and subordinated; and then
  • remade through
    • experience resulting from
      • systematic, impersonal misogyny through rape culture, and
      • unique, chance encounters with particular individuals, times, places, and situations;
    • and glimmers of remembrance of the collective memories of feminists-past lying in their subconscious.

Or something along those lines.

If I think about how I became a feminist, that is how I would describe it. I think all girls are born to be free. The majority (excluding those with the propensity for the nastier of the personality disorders) are born with the capacity to be free, intelligent, creative, empathic, mindful, and cooperative.

I think girls are born into the flavour of subordination dictated by their culture/patriarchy whereupon all members are subject to that culture’s indoctrination. But girls are also individually stripped of their birthright to feminism upon entry into the world when all the ‘cutesy’, protective, paternalistic, and dismissive, underestimating treatment particular to their family/group starts.

All girls test out rebellion – a natural response to the language-free remembrance of their real woman-defined purpose as women through what Jung* termed the ‘collective unconscious’ – in small ways. They defy gender-defined behaviour. They break rules designed for them as girls. And they are smacked down in a variety of ways – verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual punishment. For almost all girls, this works effectively to keep them in their chains and then to do the work themselves to keep the chains in place unquestioned.

* [Note: I have little use for the misogynist, Jung.]

For others, for one reason or another, the punishment doesn’t take. The call of the wild, the natural, their real purpose is too strong. And they take a better, but harder, path. The one to feminism. Woman’s natural and rightful state.

This collection of stories was/is my path to feminism. Many of the punishments worked on me, but my feminism was always so close to the surface of consciousness, that in the end, I got back to where I belong.


Genesis: The Girl and The Stranger in The Car

The Teen Years

Sermon Sunday or Rapist Day or The Screwdriver

Middle Age

All Along the Watchtower

Where Does It Start, Where Does It End?

The Male Therapist

A Tribute: To All the Boys I’ve Feared Before

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