Feminism and Eugenics

I’ve read a growing number of disturbing feminist articles, written by whites and non-whites, straights and lesbians, and most calling themselves ‘radical feminists’ (which they are not) calling for the elimination of white women. One woman wanted to replace the term ‘women’ with ‘women of colour’, because she argued that white women were a minority. Um, yeah, that kind of logic doesn’t fly when you propose that even smaller world minorities (Jews, aboriginal Canadians or Americans) be excluded from the term ‘human’. Too bad. Other than her racist, sexist, linguistic-eugenics idea, that woman’s site was pretty good. But damn, fucking with the meaning of the word ‘woman’ reminded me of the shit that trannie-dudes are trying (and are successfully), managing to pull off.

Another feminist ordered white women to spread their legs only for men of colour in order to get rid of the white race. Note that there was no such cunt-regulation demanded of women of colour: say for Asian women to get their rape on with Arab men, or black women with South-Pacific island men. Nope. It was a racist, sexist, pro-natal, pro-eugenics post written by a self-hating, white woman. It made me sister-sad that she had internalized the growing white-woman-hatred that isn’t just liberal-speak anymore. But I used to buy into self-immolation. Having another reason to hate yourself is crazy tempting as a female person.

Now, last time I checked, proposing to eliminate a single race of people was called eugenics. I’m not entirely sure what white women have done to terrorize the world other than to be the slaves of white men, who commit actual crimes. Is that a crime? Is being a slave an act of racial terrorism? And is it any different to any other group of women being slaves of the men of their group. Should Muslim women be killed for Muslim male terrorism and the chopping off of little girls’ clits, for example? Should Japanese mob-boss wives be held accountable for the horrific acts of the Yakuza? Unprogrammed, free women of any race could never come up with and take pleasure in the horrors men have wrought on the world. Rest assured, each group of women experiences their special brand of racism and sexism in different parts of the world, in addition to sexism within their own racial group. And each race of women has their own advantages that others don’t have. This can depend on culture and geography and who holds what power in which place. Eliminating women doesn’t solve anything. (Imagine a world without women here.)

So I disagree with the selective elimination of one race of people. Even white people. As much as I dislike white men, they are no better or worse than any other group of men. But I do like the idea of eliminating all races. No, not a mass killing of the entire world. But the elimination of race altogether.

I don’t like any racial purity ideation at all, and ALL RACES believe in racial purity. In fact, the more mono-racial the country or culture, the more they believe in their own racial superiority, purity, and preservation of that purity. I think people are really losing the plot when they talk about racism and supremacy. Come live where I have lived for years. Every fucking time I have to interact with college- and even PhD-educated, never mind the uneducated, people here in China, they make these scary race-supremacist comments that make my blood run cold. They sound like whites from 100 years ago, or my middle-school-only-educated grandmother, or one of those secluded, website-running, gun-hoarding, but generally public-avoiding American nut jobs living in the wilderness. In fact, as much as I can’t stand those survivalists who support preservation of the white race, they pretty much keep to themselves and do far less damage than say, race- and sex-supremacist Muslim terrorists who deliberately go abroad, gain trust, education and resources of the borrowed culture, and then blow up things… and people. And here in China, ‘racism’ in Chinese is a word that inspires pride, not shame, and is one of the national tenets instilled in modern Chinese communist thinking by the internationally revered Sun Yat-Sen.

No, I say get rid of all pure races. After biological sex, and then sexual orientation, race is a significant target of violence and discrimination for all women and some men. Getting rid of white people, even just the men, absolutely would not solve the problem because all racial purists (which is pretty much everyone in the world) will just continue their wars and hatred towards the ‘others’. Because all of that race-hatred that most feminists like to talk about INSTEAD of actual misogyny was started and perpetuated by men, the goal of which always has been and still is to protect and covet the cunts of the women owned by that racial group, and more recently serves to divide and conquer women and prevent their coming together over misogyny. Racism would never have been a thing if there were no men in existence. I firmly believe that. Racism is borne of woman-hatred, and that is a fact.

As for culture, which in monoracial cultures cannot truly be separated from race, and in religious cultures cannot be separated from religion, I’d like to see culture be based on climate or geography rather than race, ethnicity, misogyny, or magical thinking. Racial culture tends to be very exclusionary and becomes stronger due to racial tensions. Defensive racial pride always springs up following direct conflict – I see this all the time in China when the Chinese act as aggressors and then play victim to surrounding countries (Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, etc.). And in the West, you get liberal wailing about stuff like ‘cultural appropriation’, which is hard to believe is a thing because there are so many bigger and REAL fucking issues like RAPE and MURDER and HUMAN TRAFFICKING, for example, and is done, incidentally, by all cultures in the world. China does it all the time, and it is annoying – especially when their sole focus of cultural appropriation is on capitalizing monetarily off of, rather than understanding and appreciating of , other cultures’ traditions and festivals. No, I see culture based on something else entirely. It’s hard for me to imagine people getting nasty, proprietary, warlike, and exclusionary over cultural issues and traditions centred on weather, climate, and geography, for example. I like that kind of celebration of life much better. It not only isn’t based on unchangeable physical qualities like biological sex or race, but on Nature herself. What a beautiful thing to celebrate rather than selfish human pursuits. I’ve always been wary of human self-worship.

I’ll end on an even more unpopular note by saying that the only eugenics I could ever get behind is the elimination of male people, and I say it from a defensive position based on actual evidence rather than the kind of baseless and aggressive, sadistic hatred men have for women. In removing – not maliciously torturing, just removing – men, I seek to protect women. Men of all races are the international terrorists of women of all races, holding us hostage through rape and torture, and the threat of rape, and forced heterosexuality. They cause every single problem and fear we experience as women. They are the number one predator on the planet, more dangerous and fear-inspiring than contagious viruses and bacteria, natural disasters, and wild animals combined. But you have to be able see and accept reality and data and facts, and then to overcome your fear of punishment, in order to name the real problems. Eliminate whites, and you don’t solve a damned thing other than short-lived, smug, racist satisfaction. But other male racial groups will easily and quickly and violently step in and take over the domination-submission, racial-sex-slavery heterosexuality paradigm that men thrive on and demand. But take out men, and dare to dream.

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