The Moment I Realized I Wasn’t A Liberal

As a methodologist and measurement specialist, I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking about data and human characteristics and the goals of assessment. There really are very few true dichotomies, and thus little actual binary, categorical data. You’d never guess that from looking at the way people think, speak and act. Everything is yes/no, on/off – one or the other. Black and white issues. That is how the world is seen by most. Another false dichotomy, thanks mostly to Americans and their simplistic two-party political system, is the whole liberal/conservative mess. Unfortunately, the parties are often equated to general orientation, and much of the rest of the world has sort of adopted this dichotomous way of approaching and labelling issues. I think the orientations spend so much time opposing one another that thinking has been eliminated from argument formation. It’s just reactionary polarities – highly emotional responses to opponents. This kind of false dichotomy solves nothing, but rather, creates numerous problems.

There are a few dichotomies that cannot be argued with. Pregnancy is a true dichotomy (i.e., your life is ruined vs. phew! that last rape didn’t stick). Another, which has been completely eroded by liberals and mentally ill trannie dudes, and which shockingly has even people in my line of specialization completely brainwashed, is biological sex. Except for a few anomalies (anomalies meaning, not the standard normal thing, and thus not interfering with the true dichotomy), people are either XX – female, or XY – male. Gender is not a replacement for or synonym for sex, and it means something entirely different, with a well-established definition that functioned as well as a definition should (as well an enforced sociological tool/weapon). But the days of rational thought seem to be lost in the past and the age of woman-erasing agenda has forced its way in like a penis in the act of rape. Gender is here to stay, despite feminist opposition.

I’ve never really felt like I could categorize myself, ideologically speaking. I’ve always had some views that might be considered to be ‘conservative’, although I would cringe to be called that. For example, I am staunchly pro-capital punishment, although for rapists and/or serial killers of women, only. Is that conservative? I doubt other conservatives would agree with me because my view is woman-focused. For example, I don’t give a shit if men kill other men or if gays forcibly sodomize one another. But I’m so tired of everyone feeling sorry for rapists.

And I have views that might be considered to be ‘liberal’, although these days, it is just as much of an insult as ‘conservative’ is. For example, if I could vote in the US, I would have voted Rodham-Clinton – not because I think she is a top-notch candidate, or in any way, shape or form a feminist – because girls need to see that it is possible to have a female president. It is time. It is hard to take the complaints of black men seriously, when a) they were given the vote decades before all women, and b) they achieved presidency before any woman, including supposedly privileged white women, who are still actually slaves. The message is loud and clear. When females can see that a woman can be president, then girls will aim higher in life. Future candidates will get better. Start with any candidate, and work up from there. Girls will dream realistic dreams, and as women, will throw their hats in the ring. Blacks were inspired because of Obama. When the fuck will girls and women be inspired? Their inspiration right now is a president who PUBLICLY made a declaration of war against women by making a threatening rape call-to-arms (-dicks). Rape is a common form of torture used on women owned by the enemy troops during war, so to make a statement about attacking women’s ‘pussies’ is tantamount to a war cry. That women responded by knitting stupid hats and not bringing charges of hate speech against the guilty party demonstrated to me that women are asleep at the wheel. And definitely not inspired. Complacent with where they have been put in the great hierarchy. No inspiration for women in the US, when all they can muster up while under threat is a pair of fucking knitting needles – and not for jabbing in the gonads, I might add.

But in the distant past, I was probably more aligned with liberal thinking than I am now. I had some good radical feminist ideas, but sprinkled therein, was some of the lib-fem bullshit that we hear today and that has been designed for female use by ‘nice guy’ leftie men, and swallowed by women eager to both please and to appear edgy and ‘with it’. In the past, though, liberal thinkers were not quite so out in space then as they are now. I mean seriously, people have really lost the plot. I recently got back from a very short trip to Washington DC and environs, and I suppose it is because I am not immersed in American (or Western) craziness on a day-to-day basis, but I see things just getting worse and worse every time I go back for a visit. It was my first visit post-Trumpocalypse. Friends at my old university mentioned that they had to bring counsellors in for the students post-election. I was a little surprised by that one for some very complicated reasons I couldn’t understand right away. I thought my school was conservative? I also heard liberal (ha ha) usage of the word ‘racism’ and ‘bitch’, both of which were disturbing. Misogyny is actually the biggest problem facing the US (and all countries), and people are ignoring the real issues, focusing instead on the easy stuff. I think women are very confused about what misogyny is. They are also confused about what feminism is. Women are focused on strange things, and IMO, the wrong things. As it is, the whole movement seems… fucked up. Yeah, that’s the technical word for it.

Anyhow, that visit, and some of the weird shit women are writing about each other on the net got me to thinking about liberalism and how it is destroying the world. Note, that I am not suggesting that conservatism is the way to go. Those fuckers are dangerous, but in a more predictable way, and can thus be fought easily – not that women have any intention of fighting anything that requires more than hat-knitting… I’ve seen a lot of feminists doing some disturbing conservative cock-sucking recently online. Again, the problem when you only see things dichotomously. If not A, then B. Wrong! Because there are C and D and E.

,I remember when I was in grad school for the second time about 10 years ago. I had some really interesting female friends. One of them was this really great woman from India who was doing her PhD in some kind of engineering field. And I remember her telling me something that flipped a switch in my mostly liberal mind. She said to me: you Western women think you are much freer than we are in India, but you are just as enslaved as we are. Perhaps worse. It just manifests in a different way. You can’t or won’t see it. But from outside your countries, we see it.

I didn’t say much at the time, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about that insight. Thanks to the hatred heaped upon white women in Western countries and the self-hate that arises from that, I had learned to hate myself even more than I had before because of how ‘privileged’ I was told I was. I and my white sisters were to blame for everything every other woman on the planet was experiencing. It was our job as white women to end every problem for every other person on the planet. The brainwashing that white women, especially, undergo these days is intense and expertly delivered. The effects are positively admirable, and if I were to wage some kind of war, I’d want to hire the propagandists that designed that piece of psychological warfare and have them work on my plan. My Indian friend was correct. In the West, we are crippled and slowly destroyed by men in different, but equally horrible ways. And part of that misogyny is the blame for our so-called status. (“You bitches are so fucking lucky for the way we rape and objectify you!!!” “Yes, yes, I deserve to be raped more… I am so racist for not letting men of colour rape me. I am so privileged for not letting homeless men rape me…” ad naseum) And here is the kicker. While we internalize the self-hate for our ‘privilege’, no women in any other country see us as enviable creatures, especially once they come to our countries. Most Western women don’t realize this, of course. Women in burqas aren’t dreaming of having their tits hanging out of their dresses in public. Women in Third World countries don’t crave to have the ‘freedom’ to sexually service as many men as possible without any kind of compensation or exchange. There is no true freedom in what Western men offer us. We are still whores. We are still cunts to be used. We are still the unpaid emotional and physical labour. We still provide all the volunteer and charity services because men won’t put their money into basic services. We are still the bulk of the slave labour. In the West. In the free, free West.

I’m not liberal. I’m not conservative. I employ whatever ideas and tools I have at my disposal to move towards female liberation from men. Perhaps, the word is radical.

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