A Saturday Night Muse on Male Supremacy – Is There a Way Out?

Is it a good idea to write while seriously sleep-deprived and mildly wasted at the same time? Probably not, but if I write and then wait to publish, there might not be a post at all. I’ve written half a dozen partial posts, only to leave them in draft form. so here goes. Forgive me for whatever comes out on this Saturday night of red wining. There really isn’t much point here other than to lay out what has been keeping me awake.

Imagine an existence where the most you have to worry about is the random illnesses that all people worry about at one point or another in their lives.  But know that while you worry about it, you don’t have to panic about not getting appropriate health care (or not, if you choose not to treat what comes up). You don’t have to worry about being homeless or jobless or penniless or helpless – or in some compounded state of fuckery. In other words, imagine normal worries, but in a world that we don’t currently have. Imagine not worrying about your general safety, your employability, your social life, your freedom, your sanity.

It sounds pretty good. I fantasize about it often. I frequently think about what it would be like to just do the work I enjoy – working hard, contributing to the world in a small way. I’ve always wanted to have an edible garden that can sustain me, a native bee and butterfly sanctuary to keep my soul happy, and a pseudo educational centre to retain some kind of connection to the human world. That is my dream job, if you will. But I can’t imagine it happening because I don’t have money to set it up, it wouldn’t be lucrative enough to keep me going, and it wouldn’t set me up for even bare bones retirement as a single, childless woman who has no money, no home and few connections. So I constantly worry about working, my health, what I am going to do as my age increases, what the hell I am going to do given my very serious lack of human connection and financial resources if I run into serious health issues. For the more distant future, I worry about whether I’ll be brave enough or have access to the right resources in order to kill myself in an effective, painless, clean, and straightforward way when the time inevitably comes.

This is the shit I think about more and more with each year as I have become less relevant due to my age and sex. And I’ve come to realize that I worry about this kind of shit because I live in a male-constructed world. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve also come to realize that there is absolutely no reason at all why people should live in such an intense state of constant worry and stress. There really is no reason why humans should have stressful lives, shitty jobs and job choices, self-hatred,  and distress about how to exist and deal with natural problems. How did we get to a place where so many of the world’s people are so distracted by needless stressors that they fail to experience and enjoy the most basic of life’s pleasures. No other creature constructs a world that is more about pain and horror and stress than humans. And we owe this to the males of our species. I think about this constantly, the more evidence that presents itself. I continually question why men have to create such a shitty craphole of a planet and social system? I say again, there is no reason for humans to be living the way they have done and still do with no end in sight.

Let’s explore this. I honestly think it comes down to values.

I teach a university class on values every semester here in China. Mostly, it is for students to practise thinking and expressing their thoughts in English. Students aren’t required to think in Chinese universities, much to my shock and horror. And it is really difficult to get them to do it. But I do. Now honestly, I don’t really care specifically what they think or what values they hold. Honestly, China is a country of lies and superficiality. Nobody’s words mean diddly shit here. I learned that the hard way. But luckily,  I tend to have a sociopath in every one of my classes, and they’ll tell me the truth. The truth that people tend to cover up in order to appear like virtuous people. I do love sociopaths for that very reason. Unless they are actively trying to scam you, they’ll be brutally honest about human nature. And during an ungraded class discussion, they have no reason to fuck with me. So, I have a weird appreciation for them, as a result, provided I completely disconnect from them on a human level. The Chinese sociopaths tell me what’s what. It’s the same reason I prefer right-wing, Christian whack-jobs of all colours in Western societies. Or the average Muslim male, for that matter. They are more honest about how they see people, especially women. There is little subterfuge. They don’t play the games that left-wingers do. No putting on of costumes to hide the wolves within. I’d much prefer a predator reveal himself than to pretend he is something he isn’t. And in this way, left-wing men are much more dangerous than any fundamentalist or traditionalist.

But back to my class on values. Many people robotically tell me that love and family and happiness are the most important things to them. There are also things like truth, freedom, honesty, and stuff like that. To be frank, my eyes glaze over when people start in with the socially acceptable responses. People’s words seldom match their behaviour here. But if you find yourself with a sociopath, you can get down to brass tacks. Last semester, one male sociopath told me that the world is a jungle, so honesty, friendship, and all the touchy-feelie, positive values didn’t matter in the slightest. He brushed aside everything his classmates had said with a nonchalance you only see with those unconcerned with emotion. He laid everything out for me basically. What matters is money and power. Yep. I couldn’t have expressed the male world view better myself. This is the true male viewpoint if you strip away the bullshit. If you listen to the fundamental male truth, you can see easily how the human race has ended up where it has. Males like competition, violence, strife, angst, suffering of others, control, power and the like, and every system they have ever constructed reflects this – from the most carefree recreational activity, such as computer games, to how men construct every kind of human relationship, to how they envision division of labour, economic systems, etc. There is nothing peaceful, loving, equanimous, progressive, forward-thinking or fair about male system designs. Present even a supposedly peace-loving male with true peace and equality, and he gets bored and uncomfortable. If you dig deeper into these humane, humanitarian males, and you’ll find that all of it is conditional. Men may lay out a superficial equality, but in reality, they require that someone be underneath them in some way. They must take or get something from somebody. Even if they oppose war – the ultimate male purpose in life – they will require women to be under them in some way. It’s usually women on the bottom – they don’t count in peace talks.

It is frustrating when you get to a point in your life when you just don’t want to struggle or play the game any more. You see it all. You see that it is all bullshit, and you don’t want to have anything to do with it. Whereas once, you told yourself, “Yeah, I hate men and what they have created, but I have to somehow survive in it. I can ‘make it’ somehow.” – now, you have reached a point where you know things don’t get better when you struggle.  You just become depleted and discouraged. You know your limitations well by now, and you know what will happen to you if you try to struggle again. What is the solution for such a wide-awake person? How do you exist outside it? I don’t have an answer for that.

The only thing I know is that men got us to where we find ourselves. We absolutely should not look to them to fix anything. Men are not about solutions. They exist only to superficially justify their pointless existence through  the creation of more problems in the name of short-term solutions. A job creation program, in other words. What does that mean for solutions when you feel you’ve reached a point in your life when participating in this poisonous world doesn’t seem possible? I fear that it means individual solutions for individual women. There is no system that supports our creativity. Will there be one day? It is hard to imagine that. Women work on common woman-centred goals less now than ever before, so it is impossible for me to imagine change being effected. But I have fantasy. I can actually imagine a world that works (sans males), where no one is worth more than anyone else, where women aren’t so destroyed inside by a lifetime of misogyny that they can barely function let alone deal with one another productively and respectfully.

Maybe it’s time for me to write fantasy or science fiction. I do see a world out there that doesn’t exist, but that really, really wants to. It lives in my mind…

[This is part of the Year of the Fantasy series.]


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