I Was Thinking It Was About That Time

The other day, I got one of those special, special WordPress notifications that let me know something I had been suspecting for a few weeks. A year has come and gone in my blogging world.

To be honest, while there are plenty more things to write about, I’m thinking it might be about time to stop / take a break / write very sporadically. I’ll keep the thing up. After all, I’ve managed to create a place for Muslim rapists, pro-Muslim-rapists, and white-woman-haters to come in search of rape porn starring white ho’s. The majority of the keywords used to get to my site tell me this, at least… I wouldn’t want to deprive them of the disappointment of arriving at my site only to find justified misandry rather than sexual assault boner-poppin’ good times.

It’s not that I’ve worn myself out or given up. I was cynical about the future of feminism and women’s liberation before I started writing. Nothing has changed there. I firmly believe that women will never be free or safe or have clear identities that have nothing to do with what men say we are. The so-called freest women in the world -Western women of ALL colours – are, in fact, just as enslaved as all the others, but even worse, they fucking choose to embrace the trappings of slavery despite their primarily white foremothers having fought and died and been beaten and raped before them for very meager rights. And the foremothers are either derided or lost to obscurity. Slapped in the face and laughed at by women today who use their slightly longer leashes as sexy-fun bondage equipment for their own selves rather than as rope with which to hang men. Nope, I see no hope for women and their very deserved, but very out of reach freedom.

I think I’ve gotten a lot from what I’ve read on other blogs, but I’m not sure I’m being challenged anymore. So few women are willing to propose anything truly radical (in the other sense of the word), so there isn’t much of interest to me these days. Most feminists just report the continued atrocities that are women’s daily lives, and I have to ask, “So the fuck what?” That shit will continue and will escalate until we stop reporting and actually do something about it. But that appears to be beyond feminists’ pay scale. So really, what’s the point other than incite women to work up a good lather and teeth-gnashing in their computer chairs and then moments later to put on their lipstick and slut-gear and go to work or play. I imagine something different, but then I’m never going to be popular with the vast majority of women. Yep, no hope there.

Anyhow, the stark reality of things unfeminist is not why I may or may not continue writing. I just have new, potentially awesome shit to work on that has little to do with people/women as a class, and everything to do with saving my currently atrophying brain and flagging health. I’ve likely mentioned it a few times here, but China is killing me on multiple levels, and for fuck’s sake, I have realized I have a lot more I can possibly do with my life than act as doormat to a country full of racist, woman-hating, completely selfish and self-absorbed, unempathic robot-drones that make me question the value of ‘culture’.

In other words, I know I can save one woman, and that woman is me.

Until we meet again – or not!  It is a Story Ending Never, after all.


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