Tink and Trans: Strange, but Natural, Bedfellows

Are you a fan of Peter Pan? I am decidedly not. Most children’s stories and fairy tales are borne of the male mind and rife with misogyny and cock worship. Peter Pan is especially reflective of the male ‘creative’ mind; not only is it woman-hating, but it is highly androcentric and male dominant. But at least it is asexual (we all really want to be free and childlike) and is probably the most honest fairy tale out there regarding separatist fantasy and a scenario best suited to humans. This last part is the only part I could possibly claim to like. I strongly suspect that humans aren’t really designed to fuck or think about fucking 24/7, and thus, heterosexuality is much more socially constructed than most people believe – designed to keep women in submission and ensure that males survive. I think both sexes would breathe a sigh of relief if they found themselves completely and permanently sex-segregated and able to either be their natural selves: asexual (primarily) or homosexual. Women would be free, happy and would thrive, and men would be free, happy, but would ultimately self-destruct/die out. Male die-out and the extra services women provide to men for free are the only reasons, in my opinion, that men construct and enforce both heterosexuality and hypersexuality. There is nothing ‘natural’ about female dick-servicing or non-stop fucking.

But I digress.

Let’s get to one of the two primary female characters in Peter Pan: Tinkerbell. (I’ll refer to character descriptions from Disney fan sites here.)


Jealous and murderous Tink: Not a real girl.

Tink is a male construction of ideal female. She isn’t a girl, but a female tinker fairy. But everything she does shows how much she wants to be a real girl and to be included in and accepted by the humans. She is cute. She is dainty. She is feminine. She is feisty. She is devoted to cock supremacy. And she hates Wendy – the other primary female character, a human girl. She is incredibly “disgusted” and “irritated” with and “jealous” of Wendy and particularly nasty to her. Even “murderous”. She is very much like women are forced to be of, with and to each other in real life thanks to male socialization. Wendy is a soft, pretty, submissive ‘real girl’. Tink refers to her as an “ugly old girl”. She only comes to sort of ‘like’ Wendy when the latter fully submits and shows her loyalty to Tink and those who Tink values.

Does any of this male supremacist bullshit sound familiar?

Well, cue the Trans, the ultimate woman-hating, male supremacist characters. Let’s do some substitution and see how the comparison holds up.

man tinkerbell MEME

M2T – those men who dress up in minstrelesque lady-face – are the ultimate male supremacists and play Tinkerbell to all other men.

Trans is a male construction of ideal female. They aren’t girls, but males. But everything they do shows how much they want to be real girls and to be included in and accepted by the real males and females. They try to do the cutesy thing. They try to be dainty. They try to be feminine. They act girl-feisty. They are devoted to cock supremacy. And they hate all females – the real human girls/women. They are incredibly “disgusted” and “irritated” with and “jealous” of females and particularly nasty to them. Even “murderous”. They act very much like women are forced to be of, with and to each other in real life thanks to male socialization. They serve to reinforce this forced socialization, in fact. Trans refer to oppositional, defiant real women as an “ugly old girl” (as well as fish, cis, cunts, etc.). They only come to sort of ‘like’ real women when the latter fully submit and show their loyalty to Trans and those who Trans value.

Here’s the thing though. Both Tink and Trans say that everyone must believe in them for them to exist. And while that might be true of the fictional fairy tale character, Tink, in fantasy land, it doesn’t hold for Trans. Trans still exist no matter what anyone believes. They are humans. They are males. We all know they exist in that respect. But their fragile delusions of womanhood don’t exist no matter how many people they can get to clap their hands and chant the Trans-mantra.

Male = Male. Forever. Times a million billion trillion.


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