‘Out There’ Women

We live in a world where men are allowed to follow their thoughts to the very end and announce them in bold caps, surround sound and techni-colour.


Men are the censors, the thought police, the free-speakers, the fuckers, the threat-issuers, the policy-, law-, and rape-makers,  the law-breakers, the judges, juries and executioners, the johns. The Free.

This is how they turn their fantasies into reality. This is how they turn their crimes into rights. This is how they turn their mediocrities into merits. This is how they turn their hate into freedom.

Women are not allowed to speak freely. We must support Dick or shut up. If we don’t shut up, we will be shut up. Women may not state the facts. Women may not question the status quo.  Women may not ask ‘why?’ Women may not fantasize in response to what men put out there in the name of ‘free speech’,  in the name of our annihilation, in the name of their orgasms. Women may not defend themselves.

It is a rare woman who dares to follow her thoughts to the end, and she pays dearly. A few applaud her bravery within earshot, eyes gleaming and then darting, careful. A few more silently support, nodding in privacy and anonymity. And the majority wish her harmed, silenced, erased, dead. Sometimes, they get their wish.

I wish to see, hear, read more women who are ‘out there’. Daring to follow their thoughts to the end. Speaking the unspeakable – women’s words. Daring to be seen, heard, read… potentially silenced. But ultimately, daring to be believed and joined.


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