The Devil Makes Work – Another Lesson in Gender

I’m a staunch, militant atheist, and I absolutely don’t believe in this critter called ‘the Devil’. Let’s make that clear right off the bat. But there is this funny little saying that comes from the religious – the devil makes work for idle hands – that has some truth. But I’ll clarify a few things. First, I think this saying mostly applies to male hands, and second, the devil in this saying is just a representation of the masculine gender as it is taught through socialization. Hell, if the religious can personify socialized femininity as the Madonna/whore, then we can easily personify socialized masculinity as the Devil. Tit for tat. On this basis alone, I argue that socialized gender is a bad idea – too much talk of evil. But gender should be abandoned for so many more reasons than that.

If you want yet another good example of how men and women are socialized differently (GENDER), let’s take a look at what they do with their free time, especially free time that comes from joblessness.

We’ve seen this from the beginning of time, and it is especially noticeable during times of economic duress and crisis. Unemployed men get bored. They get pissed. They blame women. They blame the government. In extreme cases, they cluster in groups to riot, vandalize and steal televisions (not food for their families, interestingly). In most cases, whether systemic or limited to individuals, they resort to verbal hate first – towards women, sometimes racial groups. Consumption of violent porn and violent video games will increase. Online trolling increases. Some of them even spend all their time online making hate videos and inciting violence against women. Some will also move into the physical realm through RL harassing, stalking, beating, raping and even murdering women. Bully mentality kicks in and the offensive arsenal is employed – low feelings of self-worth are momentarily forgotten by bringing down and triumphing over a perceived weaker person.

When men have nothing to do, instead of doing something productive, they turn to violence and hate. Sure, some of them hurt other men, which I am not so concerned about since that is solely a men’s problem and I’m done trying to help men with their problems since most of my helping men in the past has been rewarded with sexual harassment, rape attempts and other kick-in-the-teeth-thank-you’s. It is the violence against women that I get angry about. Women make the easiest targets. Women also provide good examples of how to be productive and non-violent, which men choose to see as a threatening personal attack instead of a heroic model to follow.

Interestingly, you don’t see women committing widespread, random acts of violence when they are forced into unemployment. They look for work, they ‘make do’, they do volunteer work, they create support groups, they make videos supporting victims of crimes, etc. There may be individual women who may waste their time or do negative things. But they ain’t out there sexually harassing and threatening men, or raping, or murdering, or breaking into electronics shops or setting fires.

What to do about this gender-specific problem? Well, the key thing is that it is not women’s job to solve a male problem. We didn’t cause this problem and we are not going to fix it through either a) heroic efforts to make men productive and feel good about themselves, or b) give up our own jobs and the little freedom and few resources we have in order to give them to men. An employed woman does a lot for society, spends her money on her family, on her own education, on charity, and not on porn and prostitutes and other rape-supporting activities. Taking away her economic freedom hurts more than her. The solution to idle, violent, unemployed men must come from within the men themselves. And this solution must not involve punishing women for something they didn’t cause or contribute to.

The Devil is in the socialization of masculinity. And while it is clear that idle males are dangerous animals, employed ones are not much better when it comes to moral contributions to society at large. Let’s scrap this gender thing, and maybe we’ll increase male productivity and morality and liberate everyone.

If you are a special dude in that you don’t fit the above – you don’t need to get pissy about what I’ve said. This post isn’t about you. What you can do is ask yourself: what do I do to stop prevalent male violence? If the answer is ‘nothing’, or if you find you spend your time visiting women’s blogs and getting angry because what they describe just isn’t you and therefore isn’t true, then you need to re-evaluate yourself. Getting unjustifiably angry at women who are justifiably angry shows that you’re not quite the special snowflake you think you are.


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