The Benefits of Gittin’ Older

On or around the onset of my 40’s, something wonderful and magical happened.

My ability to hear male voices declined.

All of a sudden, my auditory world became more peaceful and what I could hear increased in quality. I had hours and hours of extra time to devote to me and other people capable of listening and performing intelligent conversation. And I was dealing much less often with lies, narcissism, information NOT based on fact, misogyny, jokes that aren’t funny, mansplaining and endless, self-flattering, personal anecdotes.

All from being suddenly much less capable of hearing the male voice.

Men have often experienced a similar, but more nefarious, effects with the female voice. Many men claim that they don’t ‘hear’ when women talk. In fact, it has nothing to do with ability or physical failings. Men don’t WANT to hear women due to widespread socialized misogyny. It is completely self-serving and Patriarchy-sustaining. Magically, men can hear women if the latter whisper from miles away, “Who wants a blow job without having to reciprocate?” Magic, I say!

Similar to this male disability, my new-found inability to hear men when they yap isn’t neurological or tied to malfunctioning ear apparatus, but unlike the male situation, I do suspect it is related to age. With many women, with age comes wisdom, confidence, less energy, and an ‘elevator-pitch’ relationship to tolerance of bullshit. Frankly speaking, I just can’t bear to listen to most men spout off about nothing – aka ‘themselves’ – anymore. They’re just not interesting. What they say doesn’t enhance my world or my understanding of the world in any way, shape or form. Their privileged experiences are boring. Their blindness and inability to truly see the world and empathize with anyone other than men in their socio-economic bracket make me want to puke all over them. And as truly funny as puking all over them would be, I find it safer (for me) to just avoid them or cut them off once they start loudly and obliviously telling me how awesome they are.

I love gittin’ older!


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