Why Aren’t Muslims Solving the Problems Within Their Ranks?

I have an equal lack of love for all religions/cults. Let’s make that clear. There isn’t a single religion/cult out there that builds on the premise of human rights or equality for all. They are all based on misogyny and hierarchy. That is aside from the fact that these belief systems are also based on a willingness to ignore evidence and focus on the very, very dangerous idea of ‘faith’.

I don’t respect religion. I do respect an individual’s right to believe in nonsense, though. But when we move into the realm of action/behaviour, I keep a closer eye and become more critical. I don’t acknowledge an individuals ‘right’ to hurt other individuals (unless in self-defence). And so many religious actions do hurt individuals – purposefully and as acts of aggression.

And so we get to Muslims. Like all religious adherents of any faith, Muslims hate women and practise misogyny on a daily basis. But currently, Muslims are further stained with the horrific actions of a growing minority of them. This minority is the group of radicals who commit acts of violence and terror within their own countries, in their adopted countries and in other countries.

My question is this. Why aren’t ‘mainstream’ Muslims, who number over 1.5 billion, doing anything about the radicals? Surely, such a massive group could take down a comparatively small number of crazies who are tarnishing their reputation. As ‘Islamophobia’ increases, Muslims, who, I assert, are not an oppressed group, choose to spend more time crying victim rather than focusing on those doing the real damage – the radicals within their ranks. They get zero sympathy from me as a woman and an atheist – which, by the way, are two groups that actually are oppressed.

It reminds me of men who get pissy about women being afraid of them instead of getting out there and taking down rapists, rape culture supporters and MRA’s (Moron’s Rights activists).

That old saying, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem” holds true here. Stop blaming the real victims – in the case of religious terrorism, the people killed and maimed by the terrorists – and focus on the evil-doers.


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